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When you hit the course, you probably want to feel comfortable and look stylish. We’ve reviewed the best women’s golf shoes that will help you do both, and to save you time and money.

Choosing the right shoes for your next round of golf can actually help you play better. If you’re not comfortable in them, it may cause you to struggle on the course.

Even if you’re not playing the game to score well, the right golf shoes will help you look good. Of course, it’s nice to have the stability and traction necessary to play better golf, too. Luckily, Birdie Golf Pro has done all the homework for you. Here are some of our top picks.

Quick Picks

As you start searching for the right golf shoes for you, there are some things to consider. Let’s look at a few of the things that might help you make the perfect selection, and then we will look at some of the best women’s golf shoes on the market.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Golf Shoes For Women

Before you start shopping for new golf shoes, it’s important to know what to look for. Sure, you might want a pair that’s stylish, but there’s more to women’s golf shoes than what they look like. Some of the most important factors to consider include:

  • Material
  • Comfort
  • Traction
  • Waterproofing
  • Breathability
  • Spiked or Spikeless

Each of these factors should be considered if you want the best pair to fit your style and preference.


The material the shoes are made of makes a difference. Most women’s golf shoes are made of leather or synthetic material. Leather is the most common material because it offers waterproofing and more durability than other materials. However, it can be stiffer and it’s usually more expensive.

Synthetic shoes are more affordable and typically offer a breathable option. The synthetic material used is non-porous, stretch, and soft, which makes it great for golf shoes. However, it doesn’t always offer the same level of waterproofing.


The traction you gain will come from the outsole and how it interacts with the ground. Some golf shoes offer traction bars or lugs, which can help add grip. Typically, the best will offer a spineless rubber outsole for better traction.


Most waterproof golf shoes will be made of leather. However, some of the best shoes made for women comprise of synthetic materials and still offer waterproofing. Adidas is one of the brands that offer synthetic waterproofing through their Climastorm technology.


It’s also a good idea to get a breathable golf shoe. You want your feet to stay comfortable, and a breathable shoe will help with that. Synthetic women’s golf shoes tend to be the most breathable, but some leather shoes can be breathable, as well.

Spiked or Spikeless

You will also have the choice between spiked or spikeless golf shoes. While it’s harder to find golf shoes with metal spikes, since they are banned on many courses today, they do exist, still. However, spiked golf shoes will likely have plastic spikes and give you more traction. Some of the spikeless shoes offer plenty of traction, too.

The choice between spiked or spikeless womens golf shoes may depend on the course you play regularly. Check the rules and make sure you buy golf shoes they will allow you to wear on the course.

What are the best ladies golf shoes?

The best ladies’ golf shoes depend on your personal preference. They should provide you with the factors you find most important, such as traction and comfort. Choosing the right pair for you will also depend on how often you play the game.

If you play golf often and you play in tournaments, you might require a different type than someone playing once a weekend. It’s more important to choose a waterproof shoe if you’re serious about golf and you might end up playing in the rain.

Consider what’s most important to you and consider your budget before deciding on the shoes for your needs.

Top 7 Women’s Golf Shoes for Serious Golfers

1. ECCO Golf Biom Hybrid 3 GTX

Lightweight and made of high-quality materials, the ECCO Golf Biom Hybrid 3 GTX offers a stylish shoe for women. For many, this will be one of the most comfortable shoes they will put on. ECCO makes very comfortable golf shoes for women, perfect for serious golfers.


  • Made out of 100% leather – The YAK leather provides a very lightweight design with increased durability and breathability.
  • GORE-TEX Waterproof Technology – Provides a breathable and waterproof solution for women.
  • Double-layer neoprene – The neoprene used in this shoe makes it softer on the skin and easier to stretch to the foot.
  • ECCO Tri-Fi-Grip Technology – The outsole offers three zones for durability, stability, and support when rotating during your swing.
  • ECCO BIOM NATURAL MOTION – The design offers a lower to the ground shoe option while forming to your foot for better support and comfort.


  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Waterproof technology for better play in wet conditions
  • Increased durability for a longer-lasting shoe
  • Excellent grip, flexibility, and stability on the golf course


  • A bit higher priced compared to other women’s golf shoes on the market

While the ECCO brand golf shoes come in at a higher price, they do offer more durability and one of the best shoes on the market. If you’re looking for a great overall women’s golf shoe, the ECCO Golf Biom Hybrid 3 GTX is the right choice.

2. Adidas Ladies Response Bounce Golf Shoes

adidas ladies response bounce golf shoes

As one of the best golf shoes for playing in the rain or wet conditions, the Adidas Ladies Response Bound Golf Shoes offer plenty of value. They offer better traction and a very comfortable option for keeping you dry.


  • Climastorm Technology – Provides a breathable and water-repellent shoe to keep you dry.
  • Doufoam Insole – Long-lasting comfort from one of the best insoles on the market.
  • Power-Transferring Bounce Midsole – Gain more stability when you swing and more comfort when you walk.
  • Low-profile Thintech EXP Cleat – Gain more traction and stability, no matter the conditions.


  • Ideal for playing in wet conditions
  • Thintech outsole offers more traction
  • Long-lasting shoe perfect for serious golfers
  • Plenty of value with a lower price than other golf shoes


  • May not be comfortable for all golfers

As one of the greatest water-resistant products on the market, the Adidas Response Bounce Golf Shoes offers serious golfers a good choice for a lower price.

3. ECCO Ladies Cool Pro Spikeless Golf Shoes

ecco ladies cool pro spikeless golf shoes

Another shoe from ECCO making the list, the ECCO Ladies Cool Pro Spikeless Golf Shoes are a great option. It’s built for comfort and offers a durable shoe perfect for the serious golfer.


  • YAK Leather -Offering a strong and durable design, the YAK leather keeps the shoe lightweight and breathable.
  • E-DTS Traction System – Offering 100 TPU traction bars and 800 traction angles, this shoe provides excellent grip.
  • ECCO Fluidform Technology – Provides an ergonomically advanced sole for better comfort.
  • OrthoLite Insole – Gain added comfort from the long-term cushioning insoles.


  • Incredible comfort for all types of golfers
  • 360-degrees of breathability
  • 100% waterproofing
  • Excellent ladies golf shoe for all conditions


  • Higher price than many others on the list

While the ECCO Ladies Cool Pro Spikeless Golf Shoes might cost more than other options, they are worth every penny. If you play competitive golf or prefer to play many times a week, this women’s golf shoe is a great option.

4. FootJoy Ladies Boa DryJoys Golf Shoes

FootJoy ladies boa dryjoys golf shoes

A classic-looking product from one of the top brands in women’s golf shoes, the FootJoy Boa DryJoys are a great option for serious golfers. This leather shoe has plenty to offer for someone playing golf often.


  • TPU Midfoot Stability Bridge – Giving the golfer more stability, this feature helps golfers with all styles of swings.
  • 2-Year Waterproof Warranty – Play with confidence, no matter the conditions with the waterproof warranty from FootJoy.
  • DuraMax Rubber Outsole – Offering more traction and better grip, the rubber outsole makes this women’s golf shoe perfect for the serious golfer.


  • Very comfortable
  • Classic design with newer technology
  • One of the best waterproof options for women
  • Provides excellent cleats from Softspikes


  • A bit of a plain design, but does provide a classic look

If you prefer the classic look of leather, this might be perfect for your needs. FootJoy is a leader in women’s golf shoes and provides some of the best shoes on the market for serious golfers.

5. Adidas Ladies Crossknit DPR Spikeless Golf Shoes

Adidas ladies crossknit dpr spikeless golf shoes

A top women’s golf shoe offering plenty of stability and comfort, the Adidas Ladies Crossknit DPR Spikeless golf shoes are designed to feel like a running shoe. It’s very comfortable and form-fitting, perfect for the serious golfer.


  • Spikeless Adiwear Outsole – Providing a fish-scale pattern, the Traxion tread and neoprene heel offer excellent traction.
  • Primeknit Textile Upper – Offers a very supportive forgeframe.
  • EVA Sockliner – More comfort is provided from the die-cut EVA sockliner in this shoe.


  • Offers the responsiveness of a running shoe
  • Provides incredible stability
  • The design works great for the course and the clubhouse
  • Works great for any type of stance or swing


  • Not ideal for wet conditions

If you’re looking for a golf shoe with plenty of bang for the buck, the Adidas Ladies Crossknit DPR ladies golf shoes are a good option.

6. Nike Ladies Air Max 1 G Spikeless Golf Shoes

nike ladies air max 1 g spikeless golf shoes

Made specifically for women looking to play serious golf; the Nike Air Max 1 G offers incredible comfort and traction. It’s stylish with all the features you need to hit the links often.


  • Max Air Cushion – Enjoy plush comfort with the foam midsole from the Max Air line of shoes.
  • Incredible Traction – The traction pattern offers plenty of grip in all types of conditions, no matter how you play the game.
  • Synthetic Leather – This ladies golf shoe features synthetic leather around the outside to keep water out.


  • Incredibly comfortable for the golf course and the clubhouse
  • Iconic design only found from Nike
  • Lightweight and breathable textile design
  • Versatile traction


  • The cost is a bit higher than some of the other top women’s golf shoes on the list

There are plenty of great Nike golf shoes out there, but the Air Max 1 G is the right shoes for serious golfers. If you play often or plan to play in tournaments, this might be the right ladies’ golf shoe for you.

7. PUMA Ladies IGNITE Statement Low Spikeless Golf Shoes

puma ladies ignite statement low spikeless golf shoes

A stylish women’s golf shoe for those looking to make a statement, this spikeless shoe is one of the best. It has a sporty design while pulling some inspiration from a more classic golf shoe. If you’re looking for one of the most stylish options on the market, the PUMA Ladies IGNITE Statement Golf Shoes are right for you!


  • One-Year Waterproof Warranty – Always a fantastic perk. Warranties help to instill confidence that you’re making a smart decision – and if not, they’ll replace it for free.
  • IGNITE Foam Midsole – Gain added comfort with an excellent midsole providing plenty of cushioning.
  • GripZone Traction – No matter the conditions, you’ll be able to easily grip the turf.


  • Very stylish
  • Offers excellent comfort
  • Performs well in all conditions
  • Very breathable shoe


  • Sizing might not be perfectly accurate for all golfers

If you’re looking for a good value golf shoe for the serious golfer, the Puma IGNITE Statement Golf Shoes for women are a great option.

7 Best Budget-Friendly Womens Golf Shoes

1. New Balance Ladies Minimus SL Spikeless Golf Shoes

new balance ladies minimus sl spikeless golf shoes

One of the top choices on the market for a great price, the New Balance Ladies Minimus SL Spikeless golf shoes offer the feel of a regular sneaker with a spikeless design. The Ortholite insoles make these very comfortable, even when you wear them for longer rounds of golf. It’s made with a rubber sole and provides plenty of durability for the weekend golfer.


  • FantomFit Support – The breathable mesh makes this a very comfortable shoe.
  • NDurance Spikeless Outsole – The rubber sole offers a flexible spikeless design.
  • Ortholite Insoles – This women’s golf shoe comes with one of the most comfortable insoles on the market to keep you dry and cool.
  • REVlite Midsole – A lightweight cushioning with a 4mm drop, the midsole offers incredible responsiveness


  • Very comfortable golf shoe
  • Lightweight for added comfort
  • Designed to keep your feet dry longer


  • Not the most stylish-looking shoe on the market

This women’s golf shoe offers quite a bit of value for the money. It’s a budget-friendly golf shoe perfect for the average golfer or someone on a tighter budget.

2. FootJoy Ladies Sport Retro Slip On Spikeless Golf Shoes

footjoy ladies sport retro slip on spikeless golf shoes

While this one isn’t for everybody, those looking for a spikeless slip-on will love this option from FootJoy. It’s a trendy option with plenty of functionality, but the style of a retro slip-on shoe.


  • Durable Construction – This FootJoy women’s golf shoe is made for great comfort and durability.
  • Performa Last – The Performa Last technology makes this shoe fit better with a full rounded toe and a narrower fitting heel.
  • Slip-On Design – Simply slip this shoe on with no laces to tie for extra comfort.
  • Better Traction – The rubber outsole offers excellent durability and turf gripping.


  • Synthetic sole for better gripping
  • Slip-on design for great comfort
  • Very lightweight
  • Trendy design


  • It’s not a lace-up, so if you prefer a one with laces, you may want to consider an alternative

When it comes to women’s golf shoes, there are plenty of options on the market, but it can be hard to find a good slip-on. The FootJoy Ladies Sport Retro Slip On Golf Shoes are a great option and the price makes it a good choice for the budget-conscious golfer.

3. Skechers GO GOLF Max Eagle Honey Spikeless Golf Shoes

skechers go golf max eagle honey spikeless golf shoes

Stylish and offering plenty of comfort, the Sketchers GO GOLF Max Eagle Honey Spikeless Golf Shoe have a lot to offer. It falls within the budget-friendly category, but it’s designed well enough for women who play golf frequently.


  • 5GEN Cushioning – Offers incredible comfort for those planning to play often.
  • GOGA MAX insole – The cushioning of this insole makes walking the golf course easier and more comfortable.
  • DuraMax TPU Rubber Outsole – Gain excellent traction no matter how you play the game.
  • Water-Resistant Protection – Play in the rain or in wet conditions without worry.


  • Combines great style with excellent technology
  • Designed to feel like an athletic shoe
  • Very comfortable shoe with excellent cushioning


  • Can be a bit difficult to find in some colors

This Sketchers pair offers a very comfortable option that should last you a while. They come in at a low cost, which makes the GO GOLF Max Eagle Honey a great choice for weekend golfers and more serious golfers.

4. Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes

adidas tech response golf shoes

Many consider the Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes to be some of the highest-performing for the cost on the market. It is value combined with great features, making it an exceptional golf shoe for women.


  • Climastorm Construction – Providing a more lightweight and comfortable shoe, this construction includes microfiber and textile for more breathability.
  • Full-Length Bounce Foam Midsole – Added cushioning from the full-length foam midsole for better comfort.
  • CloudFoam EVA Sockliner – Gain cushioning and better support from the EVA Sockliner.


  • Lower cost makes this a great choice for budget-friendly golfers
  • Comes with a waterproof warranty
  • Offers excellent comfort with a breathable upper layer


  • May run a bit large on the sizing for some golfers

If you’re seeking incredible value in golf shoes for women, the Adidas Tech Response Golf Shoes offer a great option. They come in at a low cost and offer plenty of features and benefits.

5. Skechers Ladies Go Golf 600 Sandals

skechers ladies go golf 600 sandals

Maybe you prefer a sandal during the hot summer months. The Skechers Ladies Go Golf 600 Sandals are one of the best choices for the hot months. If you want a less conventional style, this might be the right option for you.


  • 5GEN Midsole – A lightweight midsole offering plenty of memory retention, the 5GEN midsole is only found from Skechers.
  • TPU Outsole – Offers more on-course comfort and durability.
  • Goga Max Insole – Superior comfort comes from the high-rebound cushioning of this insole.


  • Incredible breathability since these are sandals
  • Great comfort with plenty of cushioning
  • Designed to provide excellent traction and stability


  • Not a great choice when it’s cold out or in wet conditions

If you prefer a sandal because you play golf in warmer conditions often, the Skechers Ladies Go Golf 600 Sandals are a great option. They come in at a lower cost point and provide plenty of comfort.

6. Footjoy Ladies eMerge Golf Shoes

footjoy ladies emerge golf shoes

With a budget-friendly classic design, the Footjoy eMerge women’s golf shoes offer a wonderful choice for weekend golfers. It looks like the classic Footjoy golf shoe with a two-color design.


  • DuraMax Rubber Outsole – The Footjoy rubber outsole offers excellent turf gripping and durability.
  • PillowSof Foam – Enjoy incredible comfort from the PillowSof molded foam insole.
  • Waterproof Warranty – These Footjoy women’s golf shoes come with a waterproof warranty for one year.


  • Offers a full rounded toe character for better comfort
  • Very stylish with a classic golf shoe look
  • Excellent breathability and durability


  • Might run a big large compared to normal sizing for some golfers

If you’re looking for a Footjoy golf shoe offering plenty of value, the Footjoy eMerge ladies golf shoes are the right choice.

7. FootJoy Ladies Sport SL Spikeless Golf Shoes

footjoy ladies sport sl spikeless golf shoes

Another good women’s golf shoe from FootJoy, the Sport SL golf shoes have plenty to offer for a very low price. It’s a great option for those looking for something stylish and colorful.


  • EVA Cushioning – The ethyl vinyl acetate cushioning offers a lightweight option with plenty of comfort.
  • BreathEasy Mesh – The engineered mesh makes the show both durable and breathable.
  • Waterproof Warranty – FootJoy offers a 100% waterproof warranty for two years on this golf shoe.


  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Incredible gripping and traction


  • The color options might not be for everybody

Golfers looking for a low-cost shoe with plenty of great features will love the FootJoy Sport SL Ladies Golf Shoe. This spikeless shoe is stylish and offers a great shoe for the weekend golfer.

What shoes do professional golfers wear?

Maybe you want to wear a golf shoe worn by professional women golfers. There are several top women golfers and they all wear different shoes.

Pro golfers wear them from the brand sponsoring them. If they are sponsored by ECCO, for example, they will wear a shoe made by ECCO. Sometimes the shoes pros wear are custom-made for them and other times, they are off-the-rack.

Let’s look at a few of the top female golfers and what they wear on the course.

As you start searching for the right golf shoes for you, there are some things to consider. Let’s look at a few of the things that might help you make the perfect selection, and then we will look at some of the best women’s golf shoes on the market.

Inbee Park professional golferInbee Park

While Inbee Park caries Callaway and Srixon clubs, she wears FootJoy women’s golf shoes. 

Lexi Thompson professional golferLexi Thompson

Since Lexi Thompson is sponsored by PUMA Golf, she wears PUMA. Lexi is known for wearing some of the most eye-catching shoes in women’s golf. Throughout the 2020 season, she wore multiple styles of the PUMA BioPro.

Some were simply black and white, while others were quite unique. From bold colors to unique design choices, Lexi isn’t afraid to make a statement.

The shoes she wore for the 2017 Solheim Cup featured a very patriotic design. These were some of the most unique golf shoes Lexi has worn during competition to date.

Lydia Ko professional golferLydia Ko

Lydia Ko is one of the top golfers in the world. She was only 19 years old when she chose to partner with ECCO. Her shoes were the ECCO BIOM G2 Model, but she has since upgraded to the ECCO W Golf BIOM G3 model, which is the newest version from ECCO.

Brooke Henderson professional golferBrooke Henderson

When Brooke first hit the LPGA in 2015, she was sponsored by Skechers and wore the Skechers Performance Go Golf shoes. She is still sponsored by Skechers and still wears Go Golf, but it’s a newer version.

Danielle Kang professional golferDanielle Kang

Since Adidas sponsors Danielle Kang, she wears Adidas. In fact, Adidas has an entire line of women’s golf shoes with Danielle’s name on them. They include:

Danielle wears unique shoes from Adidas quite often and she’s not afraid to make a statement.

What is the best brand of golf shoes?

The best brand is a bit subjective. It depends on the type of feel you prefer, the style you like, and the price range you prefer. There are several very popular brands and just like anything else, golfers have their preferences. Some of the top brands include:

  • FootJoy
  • Adidas
  • ECCO
  • Nike
  • PUMA
  • Skechers
  • G/Fore

FootJoy has been known as one of the top brands in golf for decades now. When there weren’t nearly as many choices, FootJoy was the go-to brand. For many golfers, it still is and they offer a full line of ladies golf shoes to choose from.

Choosing just one brand for women over all the others isn’t an easy task. However, as a golfer, when you find that perfect fit, you’ll likely become loyal to the brand that hugs your foot just right.

Types of Women’s Golf Shoes

Choosing the right type can make a difference, too. There are four main types to choose from:

  • Classic Golf Shoe
  • Spikeless Golf Shoe
  • Golf Sandals
  • Golf Boots

Each offers a different look and feel on the course.

Classic Golf Shoes

The most common type of women’s golf shoe on the market is the classic leather golf shoe. This type of ladies’ golf shoe will likely come with integrated spikes and plenty of comfort. Classic women’s golf shoes are typically the most comfortable and offer the best waterproofing. If you prefer a stable golf shoe for an effortless swing, this is the type of golf shoe for you.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

Probably the second-most common type of women’s golf shoe, the spikeless shoe offers a unique design. It will look and feel like a sneaker, which makes it pretty popular today. The spikeless golf shoe is very lightweight and comfortable.

It will still provide plenty of traction and for some, it will help to eliminate foot pain and back pain. Most will offer waterproof features, but they will not be as waterproof as classic golf shoes.

Golf Sandals

Women looking to feel comfortable during the hottest time of the year will love golf sandals. They offer plenty of comfort and good golf sandals offer stability, too. The one big negative of golf sandals is they are not built for long-distance walking. You might find a pair that works fine for this, but for most golfers wearing sandals, a golf cart will be necessary for a longer round.

Of course, women’s golf sandals don’t offer water resistance or a good choice when it’s not so warm out.

Golf Boots

A less common type of women’s golf shoe, the golf boot is designed for warmth and traction. It’s a good waterproof alternative to the classic women’s golf shoe. It will look like a shoe you might choose for mountain hiking and it will be a bit heavier than regular golf shoes. However, if you’re playing in muddy or wet conditions, a golf boot might be the right choice.

Why should you wear women’s golf shoes on the course?

You might be wondering why you need to wear golf-specific shoes when you hit the links. Some golfer opt for regular tennis shoes, but there are many benefits you’ll gain from a good pair of ladies’ golf shoes. Let’s look at a few of the top benefits of wearing them compared to tennis shoes, running shoes, or walking shoes.

4 Benefits of Wearing Women’s Golf Shoes

Better Traction

You need traction on the golf course. Gripping the ground when you build a base for your golf swing is vital to your success. If you slip, even a little, while swinging, it could cause a bad shot, or worse, an injury. If you want an error-free swing, it starts with the right ladies’ golf shoes.

Helps Prevent Foot Injuries

Foot injury from not using golf shoesGolfers suffer from a multitude of injuries from back injuries to foot injuries. Some of these injuries can be prevented with the right shoes. When you choose a good pair, you can prevent foot problems, such as plantar fasciitis and bunions. The added arch support from high-quality women’s golf shoes helps keep your feet happy for the entire round.

Wearing running or walking shoes might provide some support, but golf shoes are designed differently. Golf depends quite a bit on your feet, ankles, and legs. If you wear the right shoes, you’ll be able to prevent serious foot injuries.

Offers Added Support

With a good pair of women’s golf shoes; you’ll gain the support you need with plenty of cushioning for comfort. You need good foot support on the golf course.

Provides a Better Base for Your Swing

Golf shoes for women are designed for the golf swing. They come with traction bars or lugs to help give you the grip you need and the stability you need. You won’t get the same base for your swing from tennis shoes or running shoes.

Final Thoughts on Women’s Golf Shoes

When it comes to choosing the right ladies’ golf shoes for you, there are several things to consider. You might choose a pair based on your budget or based on a specific style.

The right choice will vary from one golfer to another. You might prefer the incredible comfort of ECCO brand golf shoes or you might like the flashy look of the PUMA brand golf shoes.

As long as you choose one of the pairs of ladies’ golf shoes from this list, you’ll be able to walk an entire round in comfort.

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