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TaylorMade is one of the leading names in the golf industry. Over the years, the brand has bolstered its reputation as one of the leading club manufacturers in the world. Backed by pros like Sergio and Dustin Johnson, TaylorMade is committed to proving the top-performing Irons for your game.

Nothing feels better than hitting shots that amaze your playing allies. With options ranging from beginner to professional, TaylorMade has irons for everyone. In this guide, we will closely analyze the different TaylorMade iron sets.

Irrespective of what you choose, upgrading your irons to TaylorMade will enable you to play better than ever.

Quick Picks

From handicap and personal score to the longest iron you feel comfortable hitting, there are several factors to consider while selecting the best TaylorMade irons for your specific needs.

Taking these key factors into consideration, here are a few models that we at Birdie Golf Pro consider to be the best quality and overall favorites.

TaylorMade SIM Max OS Irons

TaylorMade SIM Max OS Irons

TaylorMade clubs are designed for all levels of players. The TaylorMade SIM Max OS iron is designed using the Speed Bridge Technology that enables the iron to unravel incredible distances and forgiveness. This TaylorMade is designed to keep high handicappers in mind. The TaylorMade Sim Max OS is a larger version of the SIM models and has all the latest technology upgrades available in the SIM equipment.

With features like a stronger loft, lightweight fluted hosel, wide sole geometry, 360° undercut, and a low, back CG that provides a low center of gravity, handicappers can hit greater flights with an easier launch. With a similar launch and lower spin, the TaylorMade SIM Max OS provides greater yards than the SIM Max. One of the best Taylor made Irons for ultimate forgiveness and great distances.

The Selling point: The TaylorMade SIM Max OS is highly forgiving and is designed for all categories of competitors. Suitable for high handicapper players as it provides a greater sweet spot, longer flights, with easy launches. These are one of the greater length irons by Taylormade and one of the best distance Taylormade golf irons around!


  • Speed bridge technology for better distance and forgiveness
  • Echo Damping system for better perception
  • Designed keeping handicappers in mind
  • Speed Pocket technology
  • Mis-hits are better managed
  • Large face area and wide sole geometry
  • Low center of gravity


  • Not the best choice for top players

TaylorMade SIM Max

TaylorMade SIM Max irons

TaylorMade introduced the SIM(Shape in motion) irons, to improvise the quality of its existing range of Taylormade irons. The Speed bridge design connects the back bar to the topline to prevent unnecessary vibrations, enhanced experience, and great speed. TaylorMade paid special attention to the sound by using the ECHO damping system technology over the wide sole.

The use of the Speed Pocket creates a flexible face offering greater distance and ball speed. The Inverted Cone Technology offered by TaylorMade irons increases the sweet spot area and provides better-streamlined flights. On an overall performance radar, we can safely say that the Sim Max irons are one of the best game improvement irons from Taylormade.

The Selling point: One of the longest Taylormade golf sets, the SIM Max irons are very forgiving, delivering swift shots. TaylorMade Sim Max irons are optimum game-improvement irons that are technologically sound.


  • Speed Bridge technology for ball speed and distance
  • Echo damping system for reduced vibrations
  • Patented Speed pocket technology
  • Ultra-thin face for high ball swiftness
  • Progressive Inverted cone technology for a greater sweet spot and straighter ball flights
  • Extremely stable shots
  • Good sound and feel


  • High handicappers might face difficulty with this iron

TaylorMade M4 Irons

TaylorMade M4 irons

A breakthrough innovation in the league of TaylorMade irons, the M4 is a great option for a handicapper looking to maintain a high level of performance in his game. The talking point here is the RIBCOR technology that is flexible in the middle and stiff around the sides to provide longer, straighter and higher hits. It does so by localizing the face flexibility and providing more energy to the ball.

The men’s M4 TaylorMade iron replaces the M3 models with improvements in the design elements that reduce the mis-hits, add more distance and forgiveness, features that all high handicappers look out for. The slots behind the face and the Speed Pocket technology improve the face flexibility and reducing mis-hits.

The discretionary weight relocates low in the club owing to the Fluted Hosel and 360 degree undercut technologies that provide better launch, spin, and greater forgiveness. The Geocoustic sole design of the iron improves the golfer’s response and feel from the previous M3 model.

The Selling point: Featuring the Ribcor technology that provides longer and straighter shots, the M4 is built after its predecessor, the M3, and provides more stability. The Twist Face technology makes the club more forgiving and the low center of gravity carries the ball further ahead. If you are looking for game improvement irons for high handicappers, we would highly recommend this men’s set of irons by TaylorMade.


  • RIBCOR technology- for longer, straighter, higher shots
  • Long length iron
  • Lightweight design
  • Speed-pocket technology and Face slot feature for improved face flexibility
  • Low CG design for greater launch and spin
  • Highly forgiving


  • Harsh sound

TaylorMade P7TW

taylormade p7 tw irons

The Taylormade P7 TW irons are meticulously crafted for precision and high-performance, keeping the best strikers and tour players in mind. With the P7 iron, Taylormade collaborates with Tiger woods for an impeccable strike and accuracy. Each clubhead is weighed to deliver optimum accuracy and control. The milled-grind eliminates discrepancies in the sole geometry to deliver optimal precision. The forged 1025 carbon steel blade provides consistency, and the CNC machine geometry enables the best possible turf interaction.

The tungsten weighting ensures that each TaylorMade iron provides improved trajectory control. With deeper, sharper, and more closely spaced grooves top participants can achieve incredible launch and flight distances. the progressive face height increases the level of precision with every swing. Indeed, the TaylorMade iron set has been crafted with the finest materials to deliver an unparalleled golf experience.

The Selling point: Designed for ultimate precision in every iron set, the Taylormade P7TW gives you enhanced control and feel. These impeccably-engineered golf clubs with tungsten weight deliver optimal golf ball trajectory with consistent turf interaction and deeper impact. Supremely crafted for the better players of the game!


  • Crafted using the finest materials
  • inspired by Tiger Woods
  • Incredible precision, accuracy, and feel
  • Milled grind sole
  • Forged blade irons
  • Optimized with tungsten weighting
  • Progressive face height


  • Not a very forgiving iron

TaylorMade 2019 P790 Ti

TaylorMade 2019 P790 Ti irons

The TaylorMade P790 TI iron is a clean, sleek, titanium iron with a high-tech look. This look makes the iron stand out among other irons on the shelf. However, with a hefty price tag, the iron is loud and harsh, even on clean-centered shots. the features include the tungsten weighting, titanium body, and Speed Foam injected into the head. If you compare it with the P790 which comes at half the price, the Ti has a stronger loft. However, both models are long, provide low spin, and good velocity.

The Taylormade P790 Ti is a high-price iron set. You can customize it as per your requirement. Place your order by selecting the various components of the golf club like the iron, shaft, grip, loft, lie angle, loft adjustment, flex, and other requisite parameters. You can order an individual iron or a complete iron set.

The Selling point

The TaylorMade P790 Ti has a hi-tech look that makes you take notice instantly. The lightweight hollow body in titanium is engineered to give explosive distances and great ball speed. It’s one of the most suitable game-improvement clubs for seniors who want to regain distances. However, the noise and the price tag are both a concern.


  • Optimal combination of speed and distance
  • Lightweight hollow body
  • Titanium sleek body
  • Tungsten insert
  • Strong loft
  • Two great shaft options
  • Speedfoam for increased face speed and better feel


  • Commands a high price
  • Loud and hard noise
  • Complains of early wear and tear

TaylorMade 2019 P790 Individual Iron

TaylorMade P790 golf iron

The TaylorMade 2019 P790 clubs are acknowledged for their sleek design and power-packed performance. The forged hollow-construction and the Speed foam design are a huge upgrade from the previous design. The 2017 P790 was a fantastic set of irons that were loved by the golfing community. However, the 2017 versions had one model and the 2019 Taylormade irons had two models. The Speedfoam technology includes a lightweight urethane foam injected to improve the face speed, forgiveness, and feel of the Taylormade.

The low tungsten weight provides a low center of gravity and a higher launch. The Speed Pocket is another innovative design that is forgiving and enhances ball swiftness on shots low on the face. TaylorMade’s Inverted Cone technology is also embedded in these clubs. They do not just improve accuracy, but also protect the off-center ball velocity.

The Selling point: Undoubtedly one of the best TaylorMade irons, the 2019 P790 iron set is designed to provide incredible distances. These TaylorMade golf clubs provide a combination of speed, distance, and forgiveness. The Progressive Inverted Cone technology engineered in every head allows players to manage the mis-hits and hit even the unplayable shots. The 2019 p790 TaylorMade club is a great pick for an average golf player with a mid-handicapper.


  • Sleek design
  • Speedfoam Technology for swiftness and feel
  • Low CG and higher launch
  • Greater ball speed
  • Forgiving
  • Great swing speed
  • Progressive Inverted cone technology
  • Forged hollow construction combined with carbon steel body
  • Lightweight


  • A little unusual sound and feel

TaylorMade P7 MB

TaylorMade P7 MB irons

Crafted for the game’s best ball strikers, these P 7MB Taylormade golf clubs are meticulously designed for those perfect shots. The P7MB has a contemporary design with an appealing slim topline, progressive offset, and a sleek sole. With the Compact grain forging, the 1025 carbon steel is forged using a 2,000-ton press for a compact grain structure. The face and the grooves are CNC milled to ensure quality and precision in shot-making.

The Faceted Muscle Back geometry gives optimal CG placement. This TaylorMade golf set has been designed by suggestions from the top golfers around the globe. The iron has the best grooves to deliver exemplary shots.

The Selling point

Every feature about this P7MB TaylorMade suggests that it is one of the best Taylormade golf irons. The blades are one of the finest the brand has created and have more weight on the toe than the heel. The precision, quality, look, and smooth feel exudes sophistication about this iron set.


  • Designed for a perfect and smooth feel in shots
  • Grooves and face are CNC milled
  • Compact Grain forging
  • Faceted muscle back geometry for proper CG
  • Compact grain forging
  • Thin top-line and sole
  • One of the finest blades from Taylormade


  • Expensive
  • Not forgiving

TaylorMade PSi Tour Individual Irons

TaylorMade PSi tour individual irons

The TaylorMade Psi tour clubs were designed from the feedback by the PGA tour players. Featuring a thin top line and a minimal offset, these clubs have a muscle-back look. Forged with 1025 carbon steel, the milled face, and grooves improve control and spin.

The Speed pocket technology and the face slots, along with the optimal CG placement for quicker balls and distance control. This Players Performance iron has an improvised head. The P stands for ‘Players Slotted iron’ and the Dynamic feel system controls vibrations such that the mid-sized head has a good sound and feel. the 3-5 irons are designed for the better golf players and feature a tungsten toe weight. The 6-7 irons are superbly cast best player clubs.

The Selling point

The feel and the sound of this player’s club is good, justifying the pricing. All-in-all the Taylormade Psi is a very forgiving club, being touted as the Players Performance iron by TaylorMade.


  • Forged construction
  • Improved control and spin
  • Highly forgiving
  • Greater ball flight and distance
  • Muscle-back look with a thin topline
  • CNC milled face and grooves
  • Optimal CG placements


  • Expensive

TaylorMade P7 MC

TaylorMade P7 MC irons

The Taylormade P7 MC iron sets are impressive player irons with classy looks, are forgiving, and exude the best feel. the blade length is compact and the topline looks visually pleasing while not very slim. get good consistency through the turf with this iron’s thin sole and compact leading edge. The cavity geometry and the compact grain forging provide a means to a solid feel to the TaylorMade P7MC.

The machining across the face and the grooves ensure ultimate precision in every shot. The men’s P7 MC iron sets are curated for top performers with a design that has a mix of modern and classic elements. The wider soles and the perimeter makes the club more accessible to all gamut of players. The mid-size sole increases forgiveness on the turf and lowers the CG for better performance of the thin shots.

The Selling point

The Taylormade P7 MC provides an excellent feel while playing the game. This is one of the best Taylormade irons that are designed for top players and also for those who play for the love of golf. The modern- classic lofts provide plenty of height, spin, and distance for shot makers in this players’ iron.


  • Classy appeal
  • Highly forgiving
  • Machined face and grooves
  • Modern-traditional design
  • Precision in every shot
  • Excellent feel


  • Not very different from previous models
  • Longer irons are difficult to hit

TaylorMade M5

 TaylorMade M5 irons

Combined with the Speed Bridge technology the M5 Taylormade irons display a combination of sound, feel, and incredible distances. With this technology, you can unlock great distances with the fastest thru-slot Speed Pocket™ structure of the M5 irons. The Speed-bridge reduces unwanted frequencies and the Inverted Cone Technology provides straight flight over the entire face area.

For greater forgiveness and playability, the fluted hosel, and the 360-degree undercut lowers the CG for better launch angle and greater acceleration. This compact game improvement iron uses high-density tungsten in its multi-material construction for improving forgiveness.

The Selling point

The compact address shape of the M5 is designed towards a traditional look. The top line is thin with a minimal offset, suitable for golfers who need help but want an iron with a player’s look and feel. The leading-edge chamfer in the sole design provides a neater entry into the turf for a crisp strike. At the price of M3, the clean compact look with a better speed, sound, feel, and forgiveness this is one of the best Taylormade irons at this attractive price. For a more customized golf club, order the specifications as per your personal preferences at the Fairwaygolfusa website.


  • Speed bridge structure
  • Covers longer distance with thru-slot speed pocket technology
  • Ultra-sleek face design
  • Inverted Cone Technology
  • Improved speed, sound, and feel
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Low CG for better launch and ball speed
  • High-density tungsten for max forgiveness
  • Spring like-effect for quick airborne


  • Could have a greater level of control and feel

TaylorMade Ladies M Gloire

TaylorMade Ladies M Gloire irons

The Taylormade Ladies M Gloire line is introduced for women golfers to provide ease of play and maximum performance with this lightweight equipment. The larger and lighter head with the light shaft and grip is engineered for low weight equipment that provides an effortless quick ball flight. The tungsten weighting and the RIBCOR technology add to the forgiveness. The progressive sole width adds to the turf interaction and playability.

The Selling point

The TaylorMade M Gloire is speed optimized irons designed for women. The 3-stage sound damping system increased stability, higher launch adds to the forgiveness, to provide greater distances with ease. One of the best irons for women!


  • Max performance with greater speed
  • Premium design
  • Large and light head
  • Low weight equipment for ease of play
  • Progressive sole width
  • Added forgiveness


  • Very expensive
  • Non-adjustable loft sleeve

Looking for a driver instead?

Check out our latest review on the best drivers for seniors or the best drivers for women. They will help you determine the best fit for your age and style of playing.

How to choose the right irons?

Are you searching for the ideal iron to match your gameplan and style? A good iron set is one of the best investments that a golfer can make. There is no one perfect club that will compliment everyone’s game. Here are 5 important yardsticks for determining the perfect iron to match your golf game.

  1. The style of iron
  2. Compiling your Iron set
  3. Loft, Lie, and length
  4. Flex and shaft
  5. Customization

1. The style of iron

The two main styles of iron include

  • Cavity back– The cavity back iron has a hollowed back which is beneficial to newbies and handicappers who need increased forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • Muscle back-The muscle back iron has a complete back that is meant for better players and expert golfers.

A muscle back cavity iron is difficult to play with as they offer better performances and create finer shots.

Hybrid clubs comprise of designs from both the irons and are also known as Rescue clubs. Beginners and average golfers use these clubs as they have a larger sweet spot and profile. Owing to the greater forgiving face, it makes it easier to lift the ball for straighter shots.

2. Compiling your Iron set

A typical iron set consists of 7 to 8 clubs that include the 4,5,6, and 7 iron, a pitching wedge, and a gap wedge. Golf enthusiasts also like to purchase individual irons and create their own combo set where they match their bladed short irons with long cavity back irons. In some cases, golfers like to change these longer irons for hybrid clubs as they have larger heads and more forgiveness.

3. Loft, lie, and length

The loft is the angle of the clubface to the ground. The lie is the angle between the shaft and the sole. Golfers must complement their loft with the lie.

There are three sets of irons:

  • Long- 2,3, and 4 irons
  • Short -8 and 9 irons
  • Mid- 5,6, and 7 irons

Long irons have a shorter loft and are designed to hit longer distances. Short irons have a higher loft which provides a means for steeper launch and a greater elevation.

So if you are compiling your iron set, it is suggested that you space your irons by 4 degrees of loft, starting from the 3-iron, increasing to the pitching wedge. This way you will have better flexibility and control of your shots. As such, long hitters separate their irons by 3 degrees and short hitters by 5 degrees.

4. Shaft and Flex

Your choice of shaft determines the swing speed, distance produced, and the feel of the club. For a better swing, select a light material. Besides, if you want more control over your swing, opt for a heavier steel shaft. Flex is how you turn your shaft during the swing. It largely depends upon the style of your golf game. The categories of shaft flex are Ladies, Senior, Regular, Stiff, and X-stiff.

5. Customization

Golf players use customized fittings to improve their game. Custom shafts are used mostly by low handicappers but any layer can use these custom fittings like shafts, flex.

TaylorMade clubs

The best golfers are often seen carrying a TaylorMade club on the golf course. Manufacturing the best golf clubs for years in a row, the company’s releases are influenced by the likes of Dustin Johnson’s, Tiger Woods’s, and Rory McIlroy’s. From advanced, premium-designs curated for top gamers to cavity-back irons that are designed for game-improvement, the Taylormade collection has something for everyone in its bag!

Packed with power and forgiveness, TaylorMade irons will improve your game in no time. With a wide range of their golf clubs, you can easily find a great deal on forgiving irons to bring the handicap down to the teens.

Features of forgiving TaylorMade irons:

  • ​Big sweet spot
  • Feedback from off-center hits feels like a good shot
  • Perimeter weighted cavity back clubheads
  • Advanced materials
  • Offset club head design for square impact
  • Wide sole to stop digging into the turf


Which are the best TaylorMade irons in different categories?

No one best Taylormade club will suit players of all categories and handicaps. Coming close to the best overall clubs are the SIM Max irons that are designed for a versatile performance of the casual and average players. The larger sweet spot offers greater accuracy for golfers that hit inconsistent ball strikes.

The Player series of clubs, the 730, 750, 770, and 790 are true players clubs, each with forged iron construction. In this category, the P730 was created for golf’s exemplary ball-strikers, offering no forgiveness. The P770 provides tour standards of playability. The P790 offers greater launch, swing speed, distance, and is lightweight in design, appealing to a greater gamut of golf sportsmen.

The M Gloire golf clubs are designed using custom materials for a lightweight structure for ease of play, longer distances, and better turf interaction.


Considering the enormous investment an iron set can be, they should be carefully researched and understood before making the purchase. This is absolutely important for all golfers- both men and women. Check for customer reviews, look around in the golf course and consult other golfers on the choice of irons. Read reviews from top golfers and customers who will suggest specific irons based on your style of playing.

Based on research and evaluation of features of different Taylormade irons, we can safely deduce that:

The Best Taylormade irons for handicappers is the TaylorMade M4. The Ribcor technology, coupled with the Twist Face technology provides great forgiveness and a low center of gravity for greater velocity. This is a great game-improvement offering from Taylormade.

Under the category of most forgiving TaylorMade irons, we suggest the TaylorMade SIM Max OS. These long irons give incredible distances.

And for the pick on the best iron for an average golfer, we recommend the TaylorMade 2019 P790. It is the most workable iron in the player series, manages mis-hits with incredible ease. A great choice for casual and mid-range contenders.

Fairwaygolfusa has the most extensive collection of Taylormade irons that you can browse and place customized orders. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and buy that amazing set of TaylorMade Irons today. Good luck!

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