a beginner putting on the green

Let’s admit, putting can seem to be an intimidating experience. But it doesn’t need to be.

Golf is an individual game and while you are standing above the footer to beat your lowest score, you’re going to need a putter that you can trust for maximum performance.

A smart golfer understands that equipment will only take you so far and it’s listening to the club professionals, getting their expert advice, and practicing on the putting greens that will actually do wonders for your game – but you still need to start with choosing the right putter.

Birdie Golf Pro has compiled a list of the best putters for beginners that are leading the way in 2021; all have diverse features that will match your exclusive playing style.

Quick Picks

Choosing the Right Putter For Your Golf Game

While the best way to improve your putting is through practice and lessons, you should start with a putter that can help you manage the distance of putt and aim your target line with perfection.

For beginner golfers, the best way to hone the game is by selecting the right putter. However, it can be a daunting task as there are different brands with countless models of putters to choose from.

Well, that’s where this guide comes in helpful.

After carefully evaluating a ton of putters on the market, we’ve picked out 17 of the best golf putters for beginners. We have outlined the pros and cons, key features of each product to help you make an informed decision. Read on!

1. Odyssey White Hot OG Putter

White Hot OG Putter from Odyssey is the most iconic putter that has set standards owing to its stellar performances and incredible design properties. With requests from top players and golfers for years, Oddussey engineered the White Hot OG with its original White Hot technology.

The two-part urethane insert technology is back with the original sound, feel, and performance of the White Hot. Designed with a rich silver PVD finish and meticulous milling on the finishes. It is available in Odyssey’s premium step-less steel shaft, and the tour-winning, multi-material, Stroke Lab shaft. For a sophisticated finish, these shafts are fitted with the classy gray DFX Rubber Grip.

In an age where we are all looking forward to tech advancement, Odyssey went back to retain its legacy. Twenty years ago, Odyssey in collaboration with Callaway designed the golf ball design Rule 35 urethane-covered ball. These White Hot inserts feature the same material.

The Selling Point

While the face insert is tough to touch, it softens from the impact of the ball. This combination hits the sweet spot for a desired rolling action. While the basic insert technology remains the same, the rest of the putter is redesigned with modern advancements. The putter heads are cast and then milled to add ridges and other textures.

The milled surface adds to the pleasing aesthetics of the White Hot Putter. With a great alignment and a defined click at impact, this is a great choice for beginners. The best putter for beginners and high handicappers at a great price and performance.


  • Meticulously milled after casting
  • Two-layer original urethane White Hot Insert
  • Shaft -Stepless steel or new Stroke Lab
  • Odyssey DFX Rubber grip
  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Softens the feel of the golf ball on the putter face


  • Redesigned model, nothing innovative

2. Mizuno M CRAFT TYPE VI Putter

Mizuno M Craft TYPE VI Putter

The Mizuno M Craft Type VI Putter was introduced in 2021, is available in three attractive finishings and an additional weighting kit. Forged with 1025 mild carbon steel and then CNC milled for accurate shape, alignment, and rhythmic roll.

Weighing 355 gms with a face-balanced mallet shape, this heavy putter is designed for stability and suited to people who like to play straight through the strokes. The heavy head of the M Craft creates well-aligned, fluid strokes.

With the additional weights, the putter can adjust to a variety of putting conditions. There are two 3 gm weights, two 13 gm weights that can be changed with 8 gm fitted weights, to allow you to adapt to different conditions.

The Selling Point

With an impeccable design, pure roll, and fluid strokes, the Mizuno range does qualify among the beginners’ best putters. The forged construction backed by the deep CNC milling contributes to a softer feel and a better roll. The heavy putter provides stability. The additional weights help golfers add weight to the putter to suit different conditions. If you are thinking about buying a putter, this is a great choice for beginners. The looks are fantastic and the pristine satin white finish adds to the appeal of the Mizuno M Craft VI.


  • Face-balanced wing mallet design for high stability
  • Heavy
  • Loft: 3.5°
  • Lie Angle: 70°
  • Finish: White Satin
  • Grip: Lamkin Deep Etched Full Blue Cord
  • Forged from 1025 mild carbon steel for an incredibly soft feel
  • Precision CNC milled shape and deep milled face for a softer feel and a fluid roll


  • A little dead feel and sound

3. Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters

Cleveland Huntington Beach putters

The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Collection is inspired by the scenic view of Cleveland’s North American headquarters. The collection houses 6 traditional shapes that suit the style of tour players as well as new players. An upgrade to the previous Classic collection HB putters, the precision milled face has a deep coarse milling design that is four-times deeper than the previous generation.

When you hit with the steel face of the Cleveland putter, the hit is firmer as opposed to hitting with a face insert that hits a cotton-ball feel. The milled face steel hit gives a consistent roll to the ball resulting in a better strike.

The Cleveland Golf Huntington putters are available in different shapes as:

HUNTINGTON BEACH 1- A classic plumber’s neck blade designed with subtle curves, adding to the soft roll of the putter.

HUNTINGTON BEACH 3-A slant-neck blade with a slightly higher toe and a clean address

HUNTINGTON BEACH 4- A plumber’s neck with sharper angles with a squarer look.

HUNTINGTON BEACH 6- A classic mid-mallet shape with a double-bend shaft. Each line flows from front to back to improve alignment and confidence.

HUNTINGTON BEACH 6C- Same profile as the 6 shapes, but this Cleveland Golf putter has a center-shafted hosel configuration.

HUNTINGTON BEACH 10- a plumber’s neck mid-mallet design but like a hosel similar to a traditional blade putter.

The Selling Point

The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach putters are designed in myriad styles for beginners, high handicappers, and tour players. The soft 304 steel used for designing can be easily bent for customization, providing a softer feel. Look at all the options, and select a putter that seems most pleasing to your eye. fr the prices being offered on the products, these putters are a great buy.


  • Consistent roll with a milled steel face
  • Soft 304 stainless steel for customization
  • Enhanced feel
  • Great fit grip quality
  • Wide range of putter styles and designs
  • Crisp sound at contact
  • Heavy mallets for slower greens


  • Blade putters are lighter
  • Lesser impact of sweet spot area

4. SeeMore RST Hosel Series Custom Putter

SeeMore Black-Si2 RST

See more came up with an excellent alignment dot system named Riflescope Technology(RST) for players who have to work on their alignment. With this technology, the Plumber Neck Hosel has been simplified to an RST hosel design.

The 100% USA Machine Milled fluted barrel hosel is a welcome twist to the classic offset plumber neck design. The RST is a guaranteed way of directing the putter face in the right direction. The golfers who want their hands slightly forward can avail the SeeMore’s patented and proven RST alignment system.

The models in this category include:

  • Platinum-M7 tour

The M7 is a platinum finish traditional beauty. This tour inspired blade design is very close on the lines of SeeMore’s m1 and m2 blades. The back heel cut-away for optimum balance and slim optics is its distinguishing feature. RifleScope Technology (RST) provides alignment benefits.

  • Platinum-M5HT Mallet

The M5Ht with a platinum finish is 100% milled with stainless steel make. A combination of the heavy putter head and BG stability shaft provides great stability and feel. Good alignment, very forgiving, and a large sweet spot.

  • Platinum-SB20 Mallet

Seemore’s largest mallet, SB20 exudes an aesthetic visual appeal to the onlooker with its ultra-slim 3-way flow and exquisite platinum finish. The finely milled face provides a superior feel and roll.

  • Black-Si3 Mallet

Equipped with the Riflescope technology and a great feel, the Si3 mallet has sleek lines and a new milled aluminum insert. The Black Powdercoat finish reduces glare.

  • Black-Si5 Mallet

The Si5 mallet is an attractive design and a great option for players who prefer larger mallets. The riflescope technology and the Black Powdercoat finish is a bonus.

  • Black-HT Mallet

The milled face putter has a crisp feel and delivers a rhythmic forward roll. the Cast stainless steelhead along with the black powder finish generates distance control and provides a softer feel.

  • Black-Si2 RST

The Black S12 RST is a heel and toe-weighted blade putter. The hosel combines the centered shafted design with the conventional appearance. this feature adds greater forgiveness and enables players to line their putts with greater precision. If you love looking down at the classic design but want to make sure where you are aiming at, the new Si2 RST putters are for you.

The Selling Point

The SeeMore Si2 RST putter is the best putter for beginners who would like to avail themselves of the alignment advantage. Previously, SeeMore had been holding out for more traditional shapes. The new look of the RST hosels provides greater forgiveness owing to the new centered shafted design with the conventional shape. The new design makes the RST line more attractive to all categories of golfers. This series of putters can be customized as per your requirements.


  • A classic plumber’s neck
  • RST-“Hide the Red Dot” alignment aid.
  • Classic blade delivering modern performance
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Milled aluminum insert for a defined yet smoother roll
  • A perfectly aligned putter increases the chances of moving the ball towards the hole.


  • A slightly chunky feel
  • The RST design feature only the plumber’s neck, slant neck, and double bends not available

5. Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putters

Showcasing the iconic 2-ball technology, the Triple Track putter is a double-bend face-balanced mallet that comes packed with technology. The triple track alignment system is inspired by Vernier Hyper Acuity that focuses on correctly aligning the putter with the ball. This is a training aid that features three visible lines placed on top of the putter head inspired by Callaway’s patented line technology. These intuitive triple track alignment lines improve the golfers’ roll and consistency.

odyssey stroke lab double wide flowThe Odyssey Lab Stroke Triple Track 2-ball golf putter is available for both left-handed and right-handed golfers. And as always, Odyssey manufactures the best putters that are used by handicappers and tour players all over the world. While the white Hot pro 2.0 putter from the Odyssey has set the standards for the best putter, the Lab stroke putters provide decent shots in every putt.

The multi-material Stroke Lab shaft provides better strokes, and the Microhinge Star insert enhances a consistent forward roll while improving the sound and feel. This shaft is 40 gms lighter, redistributing the weight to the head and the grip end of the putter. this is an absolute tour-winning feature as players experience a massive improvement in the tempo and consistency of their game.

The Selling Point

The compelling design of the Triple Track Odyssey putter instantly attracts and focus attention towards it. The lines positioned at the center of the head improves concentration towards the putt. the two most important things about a putter are the line and the pace. With the alignment line, you just have to adjust the pace.

The Stroke Lab shaft is best suited for strokes with minimal arc rotation. If you are looking for the best putter for high handicappers and beginners in the game of golf, the Triple Track Odyssey is most suitable. From hitting behind the ball shots to reducing mis-hits, this putter will be at your aid through and through.

The insert feels a little firm. However, if aim and alignment is something that you want to improve, the Triple Track Odyssey is suited to your needs. One of the best putters for beginners, this putter is a great tool for the average golfer looking to improve his putt strokes.


  • Triple track alignment for better aim and alignment
  • Great training tool for golfers struggling with putting
  • Suitable for people looking for a firm feel
  • Stroke lab shaft for consistent tempo and consistency


  • Insert is a little firm, not suitable for people who prefer a softer feel
  • Both the ball and the putter have to be used together for correct alignment

6. Wilson Staff Infinite Putters

Wilson staff infinite putters

The Wilson Staff Infinite range of putters are delivering incredible putting performances. And considering the nominal pricing, the counter-balance technology for controlled putting strokes is worth a try. One of the best putters for beginners in the market who do not want to invest much in a putter initially.

Featuring six classic head shapes with refined detailing, each putter is named after a local landmark in Chicago, the company’s headquarters. The Wilson Staff Infinite range putters have a dark, matte finish that reduces glare and reflects the sight-lines. The double milled face encourages tempo, control, and consistency. The counterbalanced structure brings the balance point closer to the hands for a balanced roll quality.

The grip with oversized design construction and a perforated pattern for a better grip. the black and white contrasts add to visual impact. At 104 gms, these are heavy grips that create a counter-balanced feel for rhythmic strokes.

The Selling Point

The price and the price! At this price, the Wilson Staff Infinite range of putters easily make our selection of the best putters for beginners. The revised and redesigned models have an appealing head and a better feel. The grip has a perforated design and is heavily constructed to allow better strokes. The new dark PVD finish completes the classy look. if you are looking for an affordable putter, make sure you check the Wilson Infinite range.


  • Improved look
  • Counter-balance technology for better control
  • Very fair pricing
  • Matte finish to reduce glare
  • Double milled face
  • A perforated pattern for better grip


  • Looks have been changed, no ‘tech’ improvement

7. Evnroll Mallet Putters

Evnroll Mallet Putters

Evnroll was founded in 2015 by Guerin Rife, a renowned putter designer who finally decided to launch his brand of golf clubs. His famous Grooves technology sets apart his line of the club from the rest of the league of putters. Here we will discuss the various Evron putters and their specifications.

ER10 Outback Black

  • Lightweight 6062 aluminum body
  • Rear CNC milled “Outback” shaped weight in 303 stainless steel
  • Sweet Face Technology for small spaced, precisely milled grooves
  • Two front-to-back sightlines frame the ball
  • black armor finishing

ER5 Center Shaft Hatchback

  • Center-shafted winged mallet design with a patented“hatched out” center section
  • CNC Milled
  • Putter Head Material – 303 stainless steel
  • Color – Silver satin finish

ER5 Hatchback

  • A classic heel-toe weighted flange blade.
  • CNC Milled
  • Head Material – 303 stainless steel
  • Color – Silver satin finish

ER5 Hatchback Black

  • A winged mallet design with a “hatched out” center section.
  • CNC Milled in Carlsbad, California USA
  • Head Material – 303 stainless steel
  • Color – Black armor finish

ER6 iRoll-B

  • An extreme center mass-weighted deep mallet putter
  • CNC Milled
  • Black anodized 6061 aluminum head
  • 303 stainless steel rear-center weight

ER7 FullMallet

  • A rear perimeter-weighted full mallet.
  • CNC Milled in Carlsbad, California U
  • 303 stainless steelhead
  • Color – Silver satin finish

ER8.3 Players Mallet

  • Flow neck players mid-mallet.
  • CNC Milled
  • Head Material – 303 stainless steel
  • Color – Silver satin finish


Evnroll Mallet Putters ER8A tour-proven classic mid-size mallet, this is our pick from among the Evnroll Mallet putters. This CNC milled design with a stainless steel head has intricately spaced grooves across the face. This enables the golf ball to roll out smoothly upon impact. The Evnroll precise milling technology imparts more energy to off-center hits to roll the ball consistently. With this milling design, the ball tends to roll back towards the center. So even with miss-hits, you can roll the ball to the same spot you were aiming at.

The Selling Point

If you are searching for a consistent putter for beginners, make sure you check out the Evnroll range. The CNC milled putter heads have closely spaced grooves, a pioneering technology that is adapted by many golf club manufacturers worldwide.

The ER8 has a heavy head that is suitable for faster greens. This tour mallet is excellent to correct mis-hits and with its Sweet face technology, you have a high moi. The putter is reasonably forgiving providing an advantage for handicappers and beginners. The Evnroll putters are available in different models for both right-handed and left-handed golfers.


  • CNC milled face
  • Sweet Face technology
  • Manages mis-hits well
  • Highly forgiving, an optimal choice putter for beginners
  • Feel and sound is good


  • Distance control difficult on slower greens
  • Chunky head design

8. Taylormade Spider X putter

TaylorMade Spider X Putters

Another strong contender in the category of the best golf putter for beginners is the TaylorMade X spider putter. Spider X technology by TaylorMade is directed towards reengineering the mass properties of the head to achieve optimal stability and alignment. It incorporates a 320g frame with extreme perimeter weighting.

The Taylormade golf putter has a revised head design that is 30% heavier to prevent twisting. The optically engineered True Path Alignment System provides a visual impact of the target line for better precision. The redesigned weight ports of (2g aluminum, 6g steel, or 12g tungsten) allow customization of feel and stability.

The TaylorMade golf putter is equipped with dual hand orientation to make sure that both right-handed and left-handed beginners can play shots easily. The different shaft lengths of such as 34 inches, 35 inches, and 33 inches ensure consistent shots of desired height. This huge golf clubhead provides high forgiveness to the TaylorMade golf putter.

The Selling Point

Every detail about this TaylorMade Spider putter is top-of-the-line. From the rich looks to the functioning dynamics, every feature exudes quality. The dual orientation is a great aid to beginners and so is the high forgiveness. An incredible putter for beginners, the Spider X, and True Path Alignment aid provides accuracy and consistency in your shots. The thicker pure roll insert adds to the sound and feel of the putter. This is our pick for one of the best golf putters for tours. Also, the fantastic copper shades are killing it!


  • Dual hand orientation
  • Redesigned head for Minimal twisting in shots
  • Multiple shaft length options
  • Advanced Spider X technology for stable shots
  • True Path Alignment for proper alignment in shots
  • Accurate shots
  • 320 g frame for optimal perimeter weighting
  • Big club head for added forgiveness


  • Pricey

9. Bettinardi Queen B Putter Series

Bettinardi 2021 Queen B Series Putter

Bettinardi’s honeycomb milling pattern in soft carbon steel is the signature design that has amassed many tour wins over the years. In this pattern, the cutter vertically cuts across the face, and eliminating more face material in the form of face grooves creates a softer face feel owing to the top-notch steel used in the milling process.

The new Rose Gold PVD is a gorgeous finish that uplifts the aesthetics appeal of the Queen B line. Besides, this finishing increases the longevity of the putters. The glare-resistant feature optimizes the visual impact on the golf course. This is one of the beginner’s best confidence-inspiring golf putters.

We will have a look at the 3 models of 2020-21 in the Queen B series:

Queen B 6

The Queen B 6 is a classic, wide-body blade putter. Optimized with performance-driven features, this putter complements players who prefer a cross between the blade and mallet. The beautiful model a thinner, Tour-inspired topline with softened and rounded edges on the toe and heel. It’s a timeless classic with contemporary features.

The simple single-bend shaft seamlessly attaches to the Queen B’s forgiving Head for a single sight alignment with the target line. The Queen B 6 is perfect for players with a straight-back who play a straight-through putting stroke, offering amazing stability and balance.

Queen B 11

The all-new Queen B 11 is an exquisitely designed traditional compact mallet putter. The QB 11 is precisely crafted with the signature crescent-milled neck that makes sure to seek optimal toe for players who play putting strokes with a moderate arc. The center of gravity resides in the middle of the head adding forgiveness and better control at impact.

Queen B 12

The all-new Queen B 12, is a newly-engineered model offering players a compact blade with a wider flange design and crowned topline, to give the putter enhanced optics at the address. The one-piece milled plumber’s neck is apt for players looking for a moderate toe blade. The delicate muscles, rounded bumpers, and soft lines of the head shape amalgamate the Tour-inspired feedback into this exquisite blade design.

The Selling Point

The Bettinardi Queen B 2020-21 line are distinguished putter designs for tour-proven wins. The exemplary finish also adds durability to the masterpieces. The delicate design with soft topline and the toe designs ensure that they are good for moderate arc putting strokes. The Quen B6 is designed for straight back through strokes. True modern classics, owning a Bettinardi Queen model is like choosing the best among the finest.


  • Honeycomb milling for accuracy and consistency
  • soft feel with soft carbon steel
  • Exquisite PVD rose gold finish
  • Anti-glare finish
  • Tour-inspired topline
  • Optimally toe balanced


  • Not designed for players who prefer a light head
  • Requires trial and error on longer putts
  • Simple alignment not suitable for all level of players

10. Odyssey 2018 O-Works Red LE Putter

Odyssey 2018 O-Works Red LE Putter

The Odyssey Red 2018 O-Works LE Putter Microhinge technology provides superior progress for topspin and roll at impact irrespective of your stroke quality. The stainless steel Microhinge plate is co-molded into our Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer, providing a great feel and a better roll at impact. The new Red finish with the Microhinge insert has been freshly designed with the tour feedback. This new Odyssey mallet putter is designed for players who like to feel the face of their putter rotate more in their stroke.

About Odyssey putters

Odyssey is among the #1 putter blade putters across significant golf tournaments and the PGA tour, especially the Odyssey white hot pro 2.0. The Odyssey white hot pro 2.0 has been designed for right-handed as well as for left-hand orientation. The undisputed best putter for beginners, the hot pro 2.0 putter is designed with different shaft lengths. The iconic white hot insert adds features of amazing roll, performance, feel, and sound. If you are an avid golfer, be sure you add this timeless putter to your golf bag!

Getting back to the Odyssey Red 2018 O-Works LE putters, let’s have a look at the models:

Marxman- A progressive mallet design with perimeter-weighting.

Marxman S- A progressive mallet design with perimeter-weighting, a Microhinge Insert, and a red finish.

Jailbird Mini- A face-balanced mallet with a Microhinge Insert and a red finish.

Jailbird Mini- The Red Jailbird Mini S Putter is a face-balanced mallet with a high moi and a Microhinge Insert, S-neck hosel, and a red finish.

2-Ball Fang-O-Works Red 2-Ball Fang Putter is a mallet design with perimeter-weighted fangs, Microhinge Insert, and a clean, classic red finish.

2-Ball Fang S-A mallet putter with perimeter-weighted fangs, Microhinge Insert, an S-neck hosel, and a red finish.

#1 Tank-O-A rounded heel-toe weighted blade with a crank-neck hosel, Tank counterbalance, Microhinge Insert, and a red finish.

#7 Tank

Odyssey 2018 O-Works Red LE Putter Tank 7The #7 tank is a modified mallet in a red finish with weighted alignment wings, sole weighting, full-shaft offset, Tank counterbalance, Microhinge Face Insert.

#1 Wide S-A compact heel-toe weighted blade with an S-neck hosel, Microhinge Insert, and a red finish.

The Selling Point

The Odyssey O-works Red LE putters have a classic red finish that stands out in the expansive greens. Not just that, the combination of the greens, the white ball, and the red putter make alignment simple. The Odyssey #7s is a slant neck hosel with a toe-balance suited well for the slight arc putting strokes. This brings the Odyssey O-works Red Putter models in the category of the best putter for beginners.

With the #1 timeless models like the Odyssey white hot pro 2.0, Odyssey has already proved its commitment to premium workmanship and assurance of quality. The Odyssey Red O-works are designed to meet the best standards of quality and performance. In case you observe a defect within a two-year period, they promptly repair it or replace it.


  • Soft feel and sound
  • Classic design with red finish
  • Precise response
  • Pure roll
  • Microhinge insert for feel, distance control, and feedback
  • Handicap range-low-high


  • Some golfers complained of the grip

11. Scotty Cameron Special Select Custom Putters

Scotty Cameron 2020 Special Select Custom Putters

The Scotty Cameron Special Select Custom Putters are classy industrial designs and the 8 models represent popular tour shapes. With a little bit thinner and compact blades, the ‘pistolini’ grip is added to these putters. While reducing the head size, to ensure that the forgiveness is not compromised and provide stability in off-center hits, tungsten weights have been added to the heel and toe. In some models, however, the grip feels too thin, considering the added sole weight.

The Selling Point

The Special Select Custom Putter is one of the best tour-proven golf putters and the most expensive ones in the market. The feel is good and the premium finish imparts a luxurious look to the putter. Golfers have the option of opting for heavier weights which gives more forgiveness and is more portable for players who like putters that are easy to swing.

Distance control is another robust feature and the clubface control allows enables short distance shots with ease. there is no insert included in these models as players are switching to a softer ball feel. Order your choice of custom fittings to design your very own putter.


  • Classic aesthetics
  • Premium feel
  • High forgiveness
  • Compact look


  • Very expensive
  • Thin grip

12. Bettinardi 2021 Studio Stock 28 Armlock Putter

Bettinardi 2021 Studio Stock 28 Armlock Putter

The Bettinardi 2021 Studio Stock 28 Armlock putter is designed with the new Roll Control Face™ milling. This asymmetrical design groove profile gives a better topspin at impact and reduces the ball-distance for a pure roll with each putt.

The Roll Control Face™ does not employ inserts while still giving players a fantastic feel and optimal sound at impact. Our smooth Diamond Blast finish provides the all-new for 2021 models with a fresh silver color for a sleek appearance from the address. The model putters are milled with a proprietary blend of 303 steel for an incredible impact. The crisp red and black paint with the anti-glare finish creates a distinguished sleek appeal.

The Selling Point

The SS28 Arm Lock features a single bend shaft, a square profile, and 5 degrees of loft for setting up and rolling the ball effectively with the arm lock style. The pioneered Roll Control Face Technology from Bettinardi is one of the only American precision-milled arm lock putters on the market. Golfers and professional Tour players around the world embrace this technology to improve their game.

The design and technology are developed from the feedback of top golf tour players around the globe. Again, one of the best golf putters around, make sure you check out this model before buying a putter for your game.


  • Roll Control face milling
  • Diamond blast finish
  • Anti-glare touch-up
  • Fine quality steel
  • Soft feel at impact
  • A clean and sleek finish
  • High MOI
  • Greater perimeter weighing


  • Expensive

13. XXIO 11 Half Mallet Putter

XXIO 11 Half Mallet Putter

The XXIO Half Mallet putter is precision milled from a single billet of forged steel. The tungsten weights on the toe and heel provide stability in shots by providing a better MOI. The shaft material is in steel and the model is designed in right-hand orientation. The XXIO putter tunes in seamlessly to combine the features of the mallet and blade putter offering better control than the blade-style putter. The putter lures the golfer who likes to play slower swing speeds.

The Selling Point

The XXIO Half Mallet Putter is a well-constructed half mallet that is more forgiving and provides more stability of the blade putters. The Tungsten nickel weights improve the MOI for off-center hits. Designed with premium materials, the XXIO half putter is one of the best putters for beginners.


  • Quality construction
  • Manages mis-hits
  • Forgiving
  • Made of forged steel
  • Milled construction


  • Lacks the feel of the blade putter

14. Axis1 Golf Rose-B Putter

Axis employs the Torque-free or the perfect balance technology to align the CG exactly in the center of the face. This is also aligned with the axis of the shaft to reduce twisting at impact. The “Rose”—name added to the putter name is after major winner and Olympic gold medalist Justin Rose. Yes, Having tried the Axis 1 golf rose putter, Justin got glued to it. He went on to win the second tournament that he played with it in 2019. This brought the small-scaled company like Axis recognition on a global level.

The Axis 1 Golf Rose is CNC-milled with 303 stainless steel and individually balanced. Silver and black (Rose-B) finishes available. The topline medium thick with single black alignment line transitions that blend into the black carbon body. The white parallel alignment lines optimally frame the golf ball.

The face of the Axis1 Rose has wonderful arced milling lines, and the heel is superbly milled. The slim sole has an attractive look. The heel counterweighting achieves the perfect balance in the Axis putter. The hosel design aligns the CG with the center of the putter and the shaft. This feature accompanied by the heel weighting makes the putter torque-free.

The Selling Point

The Axis 1 Rose-B offers consistent distance, great forgiveness, and fluid roll. The Lamkin Deep Etched grip allows greater feel and maximum feedback. The unique hosel design, the added heel weighting with the aligned CG makes this putter “torque-free”. With these exemplary features, make sure you add this putter to your list of the best putter for beginners.


  • Ion-plated finish
  • CNC milled head
  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • Individually balanced
  • Stainless Steel shaft
  • Lamkin Deep-Etched grip
  • Torque-free
  • Paddle shape grip for maximum feel and shot feedback


  • Different sound and look does not appeal to all

15. TaylorMade TP Patina Collection Putter

TaylorMade TP Patina Collection Putter

The TaylorMade TP Patina Putter Collection features 7 clubs with two new models- The Del Monte and the Du Page. Taylormade golf clubs are world-class branded putters that set the standard of performance and longevity. We will discuss a summary of the putters and review the Del monte putter elaborately.

TP PATINA COLLECTION ARDMORE 1 and 2- Equipped with a Single Bend Shaft, Face-Balanced design, Double Sightline frames, and a dot for alignment to center face.

TP PATINA COLLECTION ARDMORE 3- Equipped with a Small Curve Hosel, 42° Toe -balanced, Single Sightline for alignment and a sleek look.

TP PATINA COLLECTION DUPAGE- Houses a Single Bend Shaft, Face-Balanced design, Single Sightline provides a clean look at address while enhancing alignment.

TP PATINA COLLECTION JUNO-L-Neck Hosel blends, a 36° Toe Hang for a moderately arcing stroke path, a Single Sightline provides a clean look at address while enhancing alignment

TP PATINA COLLECTION SOTO-Long Curve Hosel, a 47° Toe Hang suits a significant arc in your stroke, Single Sightline as alignment aids and a clean look.

The TP Patina Del Monte

TaylorMade TP Patina Collection single putterDesigned for left-hand and right-hand orientation, the putter is equipped with numerous flex options to suit the skill level of beginners to advanced players. The forged hyper speed face cup enhances the ball speed. The adjustable weights ranging from 3g to 30 g will adjust the ball flights. With a little bit more weight, the launch is higher offering greater forgiveness in every putt. The 5mm thick aluminum insert offers better sound and feel. The patina finish in black nickel and copper gives a luxurious rich coating that oxidizes over time.

The signature TP screws fasten the insert securely and minimizes the air pockets below the insert, for a solid feel on impact. The Superstroke grip ensures better control and the lightweight graphite shaft is easy to maneuver without compromising the shot quality.

The Selling Point

One of the best putters for beginners, the Taylormade TP patina range has been designed for all levels of players from high handicappers who look for a little bit more forgiveness, to the top golf players. The club heads are designed to meet varied requirements and the range includes blade putters to mallet putters.

The face-balanced designs, single shaft, and single sightline provide improved performances, perfect roll, and consistency on the greens. The Taylormade TP Patina Delmonte putter is the best putter for beginners in this series with its single sightline, high forgiveness, and smooth roll.


  • Adjustable weight
  • Numerous Flex options
  • Better ball speed
  • Adjustable launch condition
  • Lesser mis-hits
  • Higher forgiveness
  • Lightweight Graphite shaft
  • Compact designs


  • Expensive

16. TaylorMade TP Red Collection Putters

TaylorMade TP Red Collection Putters

The TaylorMade TP Collection features milled 304 stainless steel heads with a Tour Red finish. This distinguished look and feel improve the alignment. The adjustable sole weights configure optimal head weight. The Pure Roll insert in aluminum provides a firm feel and an ideal forward roll to prevent skidding. The TP Red models feature a combination of mid mallet designs with varied sightlines, toe-balance, and hosels to play different shots.

Taylormade golf clubs are the best in the world and they have done an excellent job with their classic TP Red Putter range. Featuring 6 models, the putters have prominent white lines for optimal alignment. Among the models, the Armadore CTR has a decent sightline and shaft position that provides a solid feel among all the other models. This is one of the best beginner’s putters in this TP model series. The models are available in dual orientation.

The Selling Point

Red putters have taken the golf fraternity by the storm. Jason Day was one of the first golfers to use the red putter. The contrast of red with the white golf ball against the expansive greens offers an alluring visual with an advantage of alignment for cleaner shots. The pure roll insert improves the forward roll and provides stability in shots. The 303 stainless steel gives a premium finish to the putters. with the mallet design of these putters, you can accomplish some of the best putts on the course.


  • Milled 303 stainless steelhead
  • Tour red finishing
  • Adjustable sole
  • Pure Roll aluminum insert for a fluid roll
  • Steel shaft with a chrome finishing


  • The finish is not long-lasting

17. Cleveland HB SOFT Premier Putter

Cleveland HB SOFT Premier Putter

The Cleveland HB Soft putters have a sleek finish and scientifically engineered designs to provide the best putting performances. The grey satin finish uplifts the exterior looks and instills you with a sense of confidence. The Cleveland putters come in six tour-proven models, so there is a customized Huntington Beach Soft putter for your style of putting stroke. With four different color fill areas and 16 different color options, you can get your Huntington Beach Soft putter custom-fitted and for a great putting experience.

The Selling Point

 Cleveland’s proprietary Speed Optimized Face Technology optimizes ball speed even on off-center putts. Depending upon your stroke and performance you can select among the two different grip options, that the new Huntington Beach SOFT Premier offers. With the unique diamond CNC milling pattern, you will experience a smoother roll on impact. These tour-proven shapes enhance the putting performance. One of the best putters for beginners in a good price range.


  • Sleek satin grey finish
  • Customization options
  • CNC milling
  • Fluid roll
  • Two different grip options


  • No removable weights

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Everything you want to know about putters

Putting is an area in the game that puts golfers under maximum stress. And honestly, it’s challenging to handle if you are not using the right putter. A putter is the most used tool in a professional golfer’s bag in tournaments. And if putting is your forte, you are a winning player all the way.

New putter technology is evolved periodically to allow players to use the latest putters seamlessly. Here are the various types of putters available in the market.

Types of putters

The golf industry is blessed with different accessories and equipment that account for the unique playing styles of golfers, and putters are no exception.

Choosing the right putter for beginners can be a minefield. With numerous technologies, sizes, and styles to choose from, it often becomes difficult to choose the best putter for your stroke.

That said, you can still find a quality putter depending on your personal preference. Having a thorough understanding of different types of golf putters, you can easily find the one that best suits your specific requirements on the green.

  • Face balanced putters

These putters face upwards when you balance the shaft on your finger. If you are playing with a straight putting stroke, this should be your pick. The center of gravity lies directly below the shaft and this putter opens less on the backswing and closes less on the follow-through.

  • Toe balanced putters

In toe balanced putters, the toe faces towards the ground when you balance the shaft on the ground. The center of gravity does not lie directly below the shaft. These putter compliments players who have an arc in their putting stroke.

Some putters are neither face nor toe balanced. They might be a balance of the two. If you can ascertain your stroke type and match it with your putter abilities, you will get great results on the golf course.

Putter head designs

  • Blade putters: These are classic design putters that are face balanced. It produces a soft hit that is required on harder green courses.
  • Peripheral weighted putters: Also known as the heel-toe weighted putter, the peripheral weighted putter is long and sleek at the address. the added weight at the heel and the toe adds to the forgiveness and consistency.
  • Mallet putters: These have a large putter head for better forgiveness, and different designs on the rear to adjust the alignment. Mallet putter is faced upwards with a deep design and a low center of gravity. Designed for straight strokes the low CG increases the moment of inertia in the mallet to reduce spin, reduce behind the ball shots, and improve performance on off-center shots.

Putter face and inserts

Your choice of putter depends upon the greens that you play on, the ball that you use, and your sense of perception while playing. The sound of the golf ball is interpreted as the ‘feel’ in this context.

  • Metal faced putters

Traditionally, steel is used to design putters. You will find a variety of materials like titanium, brass, copper, aluminum, zinc, and titanium, used for the best golf putters. For a defined, solid, and responsive feel, steel putters are the best golf putters. Metals produce an audible sound and feel that immediately connects the player to the golf ball and you know the center of the putter.

  • Insert faced putters

Insert face putters are metal putters that have a face inserted with a non-metal insert. this light insert redistributes the weight to the heel and the toe, adding more moment of inertia and enhancing the forgiveness.

  • Groove faced putters

Grooves on a putter impart an over-the-top ball rolling action on the ball to eliminate skidding, sliding, and back spinning before the ball starts rolling over.

Putter Shafts

Shafts have a metal body and connect to the putter with a hosel. They are available as:

  • Heel-shafted putters
  • Center- shafted putter

Heel shafted putters connect the shaft directly to the head of the putter towards the golfer. In center-shafted putters, the shaft meets the putter in the center of the head lengthwise. Apart from the above options, some putters are also equipped with a hosel at the offset. many putter shafts are curated for either right-handed or left-hand golfers.

Ideal shaft lengths

Putter length is measured from the sole of the putter below the hosel to the end of the shaft. As per the rule, it should be at least 18 inches long, though there is no maximum limit.

  • Traditional Length (32-36 inches)– For a pendulum-like stroke
  • Belly-putter(41-46 inches)-Putter is anchored against the body
  • Long putters(48-52 inches)-Also called anchoring


Putter grips

As per rules in golf, the putter is the only grip in your bag that can have a flat edge. Different grips from thin styles to thicker grips are used to enhance your performance on the greens.

All these aspects contribute to how comfortable you are with the putter. The more comfortable you are, the more likely you will ace the game.

Why are Putters so Important?

You must have heard the popular golf saying “drive for show, putt for dough”: the putter is by far the most-preferred club in your golf bag. A putter is capable of tarnishing a good round or saving a bad one all by itself.

The renowned Harvey Penick has included putter in the three most significant clubs in your bag. It is pretty evident that putters are helpful in lowering your handicap and score. Beginner golfers typically take 4 three-putts per round and 8 more strokes per round than an expert golfer on the greens.

As a beginner, the best approach to improve your scores is to enhance the one-putt frequency and eliminate your 3-putts. You cannot use the putter skillfully if you do not know how to aim it correctly. With a little hard work, you get the basics right. By practicing just for an hour every week, you can easily knock r 5 strokes off your score within 30 days. Sounds great, no?


In the game of golf, you want to shave off your strokes on the greens, although it’ll need a high quality, accurate, and technologically advanced putter to hit those clutch putts.

The most important aspect of getting your putting strokes right is to acquire an apt putter. Brands like TaylorMade, Odyssey, Bettinardi, Cleveland HB, and PineMeadow golf clubs are delivering outstanding performances in tournaments across the world. So there is a perfect putter for every amateur and expert golfer out there. You have to carefully assess and research before selecting the best putter for beginners.

The main selection criteria for selecting the best putter for beginners depends on 5 factors- Looks, Forgiveness, value for money, feel, and roll quality. Other things that you should consider while buying a putter is your personal style and gameplay. If you are a beginner who is still not sure how to make a good selection, you can ask around. Check with fellow golfers, expert reviews on authority golfing websites, and customer reviews on websites selling golf equipment.

Based on several criteria, we have compiled the above list of best putters for beginners. You can study the pros, cons, and special features before you invest in a putter. Apart from the best putters for beginners, we have listed 4 different categories of best putters that are as follows.

1.What is the best putter for a high handicapper?

The best putter for high handicappers- Odyssey White Hot OG putter

2.What is the most forgiving putter?

The most forgiving putter-Seemore Black-Si2 RST

3.What is the best putter for an average golfer?

The best putter for an average golfer- Odyssey Stroke Lab triple Track putter

4.What is the number 1 putter on tour?

The Number 1 putter on tours- Taylormade Spider X putter

On a concluding note, we hope this guide will provide you with a clear insight into all the features and advantages that different brands of putters offer. It will help you make an informed decision while buying the best golf putter to reduce your handicap and improve your odds of winning the game.

Feel free to browse through the Fairwaygolfusa website to check out an extensive range of golf equipment at fair prices. Happy Putting!

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