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Best Ladies Golf Clubs You Can Buy (Plus Guide)

Regardless of how long you’ve been playing the game, every golf enthusiast needs the right club – both men and women. As essential as technique might be, whether you’re practicing on a golf mat or on the course, the best golf swing in the world still won’t matter if you’re using a set that doesn’t fit your body type, playing tendencies, preferred weight and material, game improvement potential and other important factors.

And this holds true for every player. Women who golf, in particular, should pay special attention to the equipment they invest in, as women golfers (on average) tend to be built differently from their male counterparts, and differ some in terms of the technical aspects of the game.

Although there are plenty of sites out there with a decent selection of clubs for women, streamlined buying processes and plenty of golf accessories to choose from, we’ve found Budget Golf to be an excellent starting point for golfers of all stages who are seeking equipment at a low price, whether it be apparel, clubs, golf balls, options for a new golf cart and more.

Specifically in terms of high-quality clubs, though, which models do we at Birdie Golf Pro consider to be the highest quality and overall best women’s golf clubs around? Here are a few favorites:

Quick Picks

Taylormade Ladies Kalea Complete Golf Set

TaylorMade ladies Kalea complete golf set

Once again, TaylorMade shows up at the top of the list of best golf clubs for women (for a lot of very good reasons), making this an obvious choice for anyone after the best complete golf set on offer for women.

To suit any number of needs for beginner golfers all the way to experienced pro players, this golf club set includes a driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 5 rescue, 6 rescue, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, and putter. So, what makes these woods, irons and other high quality clubs the best option?

  • Speed pocket design

The addition of the speed pocket design in this golf set increases flexibility low on the face, high launch and more forgiveness.

  • Well-designed graphite shafts

The graphite shafts on each piece in this set are designed with a softer shaft flex while staying lightweight to maximize swing speed and provide as high a launch as possible.

  • Spacious bag

As with many a golf club set, this set comes with a light and convenient cart bag with plenty of storage for everything from your lucky golf ball to extra head covers and anything else you might need. Not to mention, the bag comes in one of two choices of color combination to match your style as well as your game.

Tour Edge Ladies Bazooka 270 Complete Set

Tour Edge ladies Bazooka 270 complete set

Another candidate for best entry in the graphite shaft women’s complete set list, Tour Edge presents a high quality golf set that includes a driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 6-SW irons and a blade putter, all in a lightweight cart bag with lots of storage space and a rain hood included. Besides the obvious factor of the great value, why is this set the best choice?

  • Features built for easy playing

This complete set for women is also one that should appeal to beginner golf players, with features that ensure a larger sweet spot, higher launch angle, more forgiveness and a low center of gravity for easy launch.

  • Enhanced alignment

Hitting straight and sure is no easy task, and the last thing golf players need is a set of clubs that makes it more difficult. This Tour Edge set emphasizes forgiveness for off-center hits for straighter tee shots with more distance, and even more accurate putts.

Cleveland Ladies Bloom Packaged Golf Set

Cleveland ladies bloom packaged golf set

For beginner to intermediate women golfers, this Cleveland set comes with multiple game improvement irons, a driver, fairway wood and hybrid clubs and more in an 11 piece set with graphite shafts that’s specifically designed with women in mind to prioritize distance hitting, a generous sweet spot, versatility and consistency.

In more detail, this golf set comes with a driver, 3 wood, 5 hybrid, 6 hybrid, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, pitching wedge, sand wedge, mallet putter with perimeter weighting, and light cart bag with plenty of storage space. But more than just the pieces in the set, what else does it have to offer women who golf?

  • Superior versatility and control

The hybrids in this club set are a shining example of why so many women choose hybrids in the first place, boasting the accuracy of the best golf irons and the distance factor of woods, with high launch, exceptional forgiveness and no lack of attention to distance.

  • Stability for all

One of the primary worries with any new set of clubs, whether for women or not, is the potential for lack of control. This set, however, accounts for this worry and eradicates it with features like a low center of gravvity on the driver, a wide wedge that prizes control anywhere on the greens, the perimeter weighting on the putter and all without sacrificing ball speed or risking the effects of a slow or inconsistent swing speed. And, of course, as previously stated, forgiveness is one of the best features of this set, so any quirks in your golf game will be smoothed over.

Tour Edge Women’s Moda Silk Packaged Sets

tour edge women's moda silk packaged setstour edge womens moda silk driver

Tour Edge has put together yet another set that will appeal to women looking to build up basic skills and steadily improve their game with golf clubs that maximize forgiveness, distance and stability. In their Silk Packaged Sets, a mix of irons, hybrids, woods, a driver and a putter make up an exceptionally easy to handle bundle to work on dialing in accuracy and swing technique, among other core skills. With that in mind, what else is there to love in this package?

  • Designed to help you hit further

When you check the listing on TGW’s site, the standout features of many of the golf clubs in this set put the focus on distance. The irons include a wide undercut cavity and weighting around the perimeter to max out your distance, and the hybrids are built to keep the center of gravity low to the same end.

  • Shaft customization options

Of course, not all equipment fits every athlete, and this set accounts for height differences with options to purchase the clubs in a standard length, +1 length for taller women, or petite sizes for those who are a little shorter. And since height is an often-underestimated factor in how well you practice and play with your equipment, this ends up being a huge advantage to those who choose this set.

Tour Edge Lady Edge Full Package Set

tour edge lady edge 2020 full packagetour edge lady edge 2020 full package driver

Boasting many of the same clubs and features of Tour Edge’s Moda Silk Packaged Sets but coming in at a moderately lower priced point, the 2020 Full Packaged Set will be a much more comfortable buy for women looking for a slightly smaller investment without sacrificing the opportunity to up their game. So, why does this set stand out?


  • The price

At first glance, this set looks nearly identical to the Moda Silk Packaged Set. In fact, there are just a few differences in the clubs included (2 irons as opposed to 3, and so on) and other small details that will ultimately come down to player preference. But, as previously stated, these sets in particular are well-suited to beginner-intermediate women getting their technique dialed in – therefore, a well-rated gathering of clubs at a lower price point might be appealing.

Callaway Ladies Epic Forged Star Iron Set – 6 Piece

 callaway ladies epic flash star ironscallaway ladies epic flash star irons 4-t

It goes without saying that Callaway is one of the star brands in all of golf. Even if you aren’t a hardcore player, you’ve probably heard the name regardless. The reputation is well-earned, and for those who want to fill their bag with nothing but the best clubs, the Callaway Ladies Flash Star Irons will be an excellent option. And although the price is a little steeper than some other sets, we’ve all heard it said that you get what you pay for. Reviews across the board certainly back up Callaway as a worthy investment. Besides the big name, why choose these clubs?

  • Ball speed is the star

Several of the features that grace the clubs of this set are centered around increasing ball speed and minimizing the feel of the impact. From the super light shaft and grip to Callaway’s signature 360 Face Cup that flexes and releases on impact, to the Variable Face Thickness in the long and mid irons, this set has been built and curated to ensure you get the most speed out of your swing and whichever ball you choose.

  • Built with the golfer in mind

Women who go with this set will find that their experience in actual play on the course or practice range is smoother, easier and healthier for the body, with impact absorption from patented microspheres, carbon steel-forged irons for better turf interaction and a precisely placed center of gravity. The combination of all these player-helpful features means you can focus on your technique without your clubs getting in the way.

Looking for a great pair of golf shoes?

Check out our review on the best golf shoes for women. That should help save some time on deciding.

Why do lady golfers need different golf clubs?

While there is no perfect way to design a golf club that works perfectly for everyone in a given demographic, womens’ golf clubs are made with the average female stature in mind. But what does that look like?

Well, women tend to be shorter and lighter than men, with smaller hands and slower swing speeds, and usually better suited to less weighty equipment. For women golfers to whom these things apply, investing in a golf club, or a complete golf club set, made especially for women can make all the difference in how – and how well – you play the game.

What’s the difference in clubs for women?

There are several major differences between men’s clubs and women’s clubs, but some of the most notable are:

Clubs made for women are lighter

Although the club heads on womens’ golf clubs are typically heavier than others, the overall club, and certainly the shaft, tend to be lighter, to accommodate differences in a typical female physique and commonly slower swing speeds. This ensures that women athletes can focus more on their swing and expend less unnecessary energy while doing so.

Smaller grip

Addressing the difference in size between mens’ hands and those of most women, ladies’ golf clubs usually include a smaller grip diameter, to make the club easier to use and the experience a lot smoother and better optimized to the player.

Shorter in length

Because women are commonly (with the usual exceptions common to any generalization) shorter than men, golf clubs made for lady golfers feature a shorter shaft to account for the height difference and to keep from impeding the player’s stance.

Better flex 

Womens golf clubs tend to feature a softer flex than those made for male players, along with a higher degree of loft to help get the ball off the tee and in the air with less effort.

How does the best golf club for each player improve performance?

First and foremost, if you are playing with the wrong club for you, you will feel it – no matter who you are.

If the club shaft is too long for you, you will likely struggle to execute a smooth swing. Club head too heavy? Every hit will be a completely unnecessary workout. You may tire out quickly or even pull a muscle, which has an obvious effect on how you play going forward. Too low a flex shaft factor may harm your spin rate and launch angle.

And, of course, you’re playing the game because you want to excel. So, you’ll want equipment that helps you towards that goal and helps (or at least doesn’t hinder) you in your pursuit of the best golf game possible.

The 7-Iron

For women starting out in golf, as with many golfers, a 7 iron will be the best and most commonly-used club. These irons provide a comfortable experience for those who are learning the ins and outs of hitting a ball, and most women at the novice level can hit around 60 yards with their 7 iron, on average.

As you progress with your 7 iron, you may see your distance increase to 75 yards at the intermediate level, and around 140 yards once you’re well and truly comfortable. Distance aside, though, a great 7 iron will help you begin to judge your trajectory, swing speed and, yes, how far you’re hitting the ball – if you keep a sharp eye out while you practice and monitor your stats.

What should I look for when shopping for the right golf club?

Whether you’ve got a well-loved complete golf club set at home, or you’re browsing to find the best possible choice for your first golf clubs, it helps to know the features you’re looking for ahead of time. If you’re a well-seasoned golfer, you may already have an idea of what you want in a replacement. It might even be the right time to spring for that model you’ve seen your favorite pro player carrying around! But if not, here are a few features to consider:


Women looking for the best golf club will probably want to know what type they’re looking for, to begin with. How do you choose between wood and hybrid, irons and more? Which suits your needs and your playing style best?

Irons are a popular choice among golfers of all types because they allow the player to prioritize accuracy, although some amount of distance is usually lost when you use an iron. But if you’re keen on really honing your shot to be as accurate as possible, it’s likely well worth investing in an iron.

Woods are the heavy-hitters (pun intended) for those who are looking to hit as far as possible, placing distance in the spotlight, but usually sacrificing accuracy, because they are often a lot harder to control than the average iron. Fairway woods are, as the name implies, made for the fairway, so make sure you intend to spend much of your practice time there before you turn to that sweet new 3 wood you spotted last week.

Of course, these aren’t the only options for golf club type – if you’re so inclined, you can play with hybrids, these being golf clubs that combine the features of a wood and an iron. Women who use hybrids usually report that they are the easiest type to hit with and offer players more versatility between hitting from both the golf tee and the fairway.


This is, of course, a consideration for almost anything you happen to buy. Since golf clubs tend to be a big investment (and it’s important not to skimp on the features you need), it helps to make sure you budget enough to get the best quality and exact type of golf club you want. That said, your personal goals as a golfer should also factor into this decision. It’s far too easy to overspend on flashy golf clubs that won’t ultimately help you get to where you’re going.

If you happen to be a beginner golfer, you probably won’t want to drop a thousand dollars on the best and most expensive complete golf club set you can find. A solid golf club to help you get some practice in will do nicely without breaking the bank before you’re sure what you’ll need and how often you plan to play. And if this applies to you, you’ll want to place a heavy emphasis on the features, not necessarily the fancy brand name or too many bells and whistles that you might not need at this stage in your golfing journey.

However, if you’re a professional, or just a very serious hobbyist, go ahead and invest a decent amount of cash in a durable, quality golf club that’s sure to advance your game. If you play often and practice frequently, you’re probably familiar with the features and feel you’re going to need, anyway, so you can buy at a higher quality and price point with less worry that you’ll end up with the wrong golf club.


As buying factors go, this can be a difficult one to judge. After all, how are you supposed to discern the quality of a club you’re viewing online, or even one you’ve held for all of two seconds in a store?

Well, this is one scenario in which online shopping won’t necessarily get in the way of you making a good decision as a consumer. One of the best parts about having the Internet at our disposal these days is the sheer amount of knowledge available at our fingertips! Online research is easy, typically fast and, if you pay close attention, reliable enough to help you make a decision you can be confident about.

While you’re browsing, make a note of the brands you see pop up the most often. Navigate away from the site you’re on and take a closer look into the brand in question. How long has it been around? Are the consumer reports favorable? Are they well-trusted, and do other women who play golf (including professionals and those well-versed in the game) tend to favor them?

And on that note, dive on into the reviews, both on the golf equipment site you’re using and other, independent consumer review sites to get the best view of the product with as little potential for bias as possible. Sites like these typically bring together potentially thousands of reviews relevant to what you’re looking for, so you’ll never lack for information.

For example, if that club or set that caught your eye has a ton of reviews saying it warps a player’s swing or broke within 3 weeks, steer clear. If the reviews are overwhelmingly glowing and there seem to be minimal issues, you can feel pretty confident that that club is your best bet. Also, pay close attention to the overall trend in reviews, and the amount. The more positive reviews, the merrier – and if one particular flaw or issue makes an appearance in too many reviews or ratings, best to try another option. as you’ll no doubt run into the same issue if you choose to buy!


Given the investment involved in buying the best set of golf clubs for women looking to excel at the game, and the effect the proper set can have (for good or ill, depending on what you get), choosing a set online can be daunting. But it surely does not have to be impossible.

Also remember, there’s rarely any harm in asking around the next time you’re out at the golf course in person. Check out the golf clubs other women, namely your friends and neighbors, are using and quiz them about their specs, features and any impact the equipment has made on their performance and practice times. In fact, many of the reviews featured on TGW’s website mention neighboring golfers coming over to ask about (and usually try out) the clubs in question.

This is, honestly, one of the best ways to “shop” for the best club out there to suit your needs as a player. You’ll be able to hear and see firsthand how the clubs feel to you – and even if you don’t happen to find the exact match for the ones you might be scouting online currently, you will at least be able to figure out if you like the brand, the type, and the specific features of the equipment, from the club head to the shaft flex, how it hits the golf ball, and whether it works with your preferred area of practice, be it the fairway, the tee, or anywhere else you choose.

And, additionally, online preparation ahead of time really is key – checking out the reviews and experiences of other women who have used the clubs, noting any issues golfers may have experienced, and certainly knowing the best clubs, or entire golf club set, for your needs will help you make the best decision possible to achieve the golf game you’re dreaming of, whatever that looks like to you!

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