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Golf is timeless! One of the best things about golf is that you can continue playing this sport in your golden years. When it’s not feasible to play baseball, football, or basketball, you can always plunge into the game of golf.

Once you hit your 50s, you’re considered as a senior –at least in the golfing world – that age when you’re entitled to play on senior tours. Obviously, you aren’t as fit or as fast as you were in your 20s or 30s but you can still play a pleasant and reputable round of golf.

How Age Impacts Club Head Speed

Generally, seniors have more time to play golf than a 40-year-old working father of two children. They can make the most of this time and polish their skills in the game. Although, one regular complaint from senior golfers is that once they hit a specific age, the driving distance just seems to wane. This is pretty common! As you get older, it’s impossible to swing the club as quickly as you once could. That means your strike drops off and the golf ball just doesn’t travel as far as it used to.

As annoying as this might be, technological innovation allows golfers to cherish the sport far beyond their retirement. Although you may mislay some driver distance, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find a club that enables you to bring your A-game to the course every time you play.

A golf driver is among the most important clubs you would want to attain maximum distance off the tee. It’s not all about speed, obviously; there are other performance areas you may need assistance with, such as extra forgiveness and higher launch. Birdie Golf Pro will help you find the best golf drivers for seniors so you can maximize distance off the tee, easy launch, and deliver be quite forgiving. They will decrease your score, improve your confidence, and ensure a more enjoyable and satisfying round.

What are the best golf drivers for senior golfers?

Even though you have been playing the game for a long time, finding the best golf driver for seniors is essential to continuing to play well into your golden years.

In this competitive market, golf equipment manufacturers are geared up to provide exemplary golfing equipment. There are numerous sites that have a good selection of golf drivers for seniors.

Based on various parameters, we have shortlisted the best golf drivers in the market for senior players. Let’s have a look…

Quick Picks

What type of loft driver should seniors use?

Loft is the angle between the shaft and the face. Combined with precision and accuracy, getting good distances from the tee is a big benefit. So if you are looking to get extra yards to your drive, you must understand how the right loft will fetch you’re the perfect tee shots. The speed of the clubhead determines the selection of your driver loft.

For example: for swing speeds above 90mph, a 9.5-11degree loft provides the optimum launch angle. Similarly, golfers with speeds below 90 mph should go in for a loft with 11.5-17 degrees for the best angle of attack.

In general, senior golfers find their club head speed decreasing with age. Inversely, the loft requirement for greater distances will increase. Hence, seniors can select a loft on the beginner’s pattern, depending on their individual performance level. Best loft for senior golfers: 10.5-13 degrees.

What is the average swing speed of a senior golfer?

Let’s face it, as we age, our swing speeds reduce and we need a driver that has been tailored to suit our body type, weight, nature of play, and other preferences. Swing speed is different for all age groups and genders. Golfers in their 20’s have the best swing speed, their speeds are average in their 30’s and start reducing in their 40’s. after 50’s, we see a significant decline in the swing speed of senior golfers.

Some swing speed averages for senior golfers:

  • For  50 years of age – Average swing speed of 85 to 90 miles per hour.
  • For 60 years of age – swing speed 80 to 85 miles per hour
  • For 70 years of age- further decline of 5 miles per hour
  • On reaching his 80’s, the golfer loses nearly 10 mph
  • For senior female golfers above 50 years of age- Average swing speed is 70-75 miles per hr, losing 5 mph every decade.
  • For PGA level senior players- Average speed is 105-120 mph

With proper diet, guidance, fitness training and above all,having the perfect driver will ensure that a senior golfer will still be hitting the Sweet spot and Hot spots with much enthusiasm.

What factors provide greater distances?

For an avid senior golfer, a quality driver is a great investment. It will help you attain great distances off the tee, it will be forgiving and provide a great launch. A lot goes into increasing the distance with your club face. Here we have explored the various factors that players should ascertain before selecting the best golf drivers for seniors.

1. Shaft

As senior players have slower swing speeds, shaft becomes an important consideration. The three major considerations are the shaft weight, shaft flexibility and the shaft length. Lighter shafts help in maximizing speeds and a more flexible shaft will increase the swing speed. Also, longer shaft lengths provide greater distances. Seniors should analyze their speed and swing style the select the ideal shaft for their game.

2. Launch angle

With age, a golfer’s swing speed become slower, they have to be compensated by greater launch angle. Selecting a driver with a correct angle helps in rectifying slow speed issues.

3. Weight

An optimal head weight(lighter) gives greater clubhead speed and provides longer distances. It will also impact your launch and forgiveness of the golf driver. The placement of weight must be further back in the clubhead, as it will provide higher ball trajectory and better forgiveness in drivers for seniors.

4. Forgiveness

Even experienced players look for forgiveness in their golf drivers. A forgiving driver delivers excellent swing speeds, providing impressive distances to the golfer. The best drivers are designed specifically to provide high forgiveness.

5. Spin

Adjustment of spin is crucial as it determines the distances achieved. An excess spin will result in the ball going high up and end up losing distance. Similarly, too little spin means a poor launch by the driver and lesser distance.

6. Grip

Drivers for seniors must have an optimum grip, as it gives the golfers better control. You need a bigger grip for larger hands.

7. Adjustability

This feature is an added benefit for senior golfers. Many experienced companies offer this feature where golfers can shift the center of gravity or change the loft of the driver as per their suitability.

8. Budget

Apart from the above, the budget is an important consideration for senior golfers as the best drivers are usually expensive. While many companies are offering great deals on drivers for seniors, you have to weigh all pros and cons before selecting golfing accessories. Investing among the best drivers on the market that are tailored to meet your individual needs and style, is a wining situation. It will last you many years and maintain a good playing standard in your game.

We have explored the various factors that will help your pick the best driver in the market. Based on all the above criteria, invest in a good quality driver tailored to meet your individual needs and style. It will last you many years and maintain good playing standard in your game.

Top Drivers for Seniors in 2021

The golf gear industry is very competitive and manufacturers are continually trying to create premium equipment for different segments of the industry. One such segment they realize is a valuable investment is senior golfers.

Golf manufacturers have always been careful about the senior golfers as a key part of the total industry and this is reflected in the wide range of golf drivers for seniors. One of the major negatives and positives for the golf industry is the innumerable features and choices out there, and particularly in the driver market. The shaft flex, head, weighting, face technology, etc. all make it hard to choose the best golf driver for seniors to play their best game.

When choosing a driver for seniors, remember the aim is to produce improved club face speeds even as your physical ability reduces. It’s best to purchase a driver that offers increased swing speeds with seamless carry and accuracy. Make sure to consider your budget, your needs, and your game to find the best golf drivers for seniors.

On this note, we’ve chosen the best golf drivers for seniors to help you improve your game as you age. Let’s delve in!

Callaway Maverik Driver

Callaway maverik golf drivercallaway maverick max driver club face

Maverick Driver from Callaway is truly a state-of-the-art technology driver endowed with a huge expansive area providing fastest tee-offs, high launch angle designed using Artificial intelligence. The Jailbreak technology combined with the T2C Carbon Crown and the Cup Face construction, provides greater distances, better performance, and sturdy off-center hits.  The driver features a single weight in the sole that pulls down the CG for a better launch and orientation.

The Flash Face SS20 is tougher and lighter, featuriing 3 models Maverick, Maverick max and Maverick sub-zero. The drivers have custom shafts and grips and are designed for greater speed and performance.

The selling point: An upgrade from the Callaway Epic Flash, the Maverick Driver is designed to improve the shortcomings of its predessecors. The Callaway Maverick offers faster ball speed, distances and forgiveness than the previous models. The Clyclone Shape Clubhead has a flatter crown that adds speed to every golfer’s play. The sound and feel of this driver is also unparallel.


  • Designed using artificial intelligence
  • High launch
  • Good yardage
  • Customizable


  • You may have to try different shafts for the perfect fit

TaylorMade SIM Max-D Driver

Taylormade SIM Max-D drivertaylormade sim max d driver club face

The TaylorMade SIM Max-D Driver is an innovative driver with a new shape design. The crown comprises of a light grey carbon fiber. The features namely, Twisted face and the Speed Injected face, coupled with the Aerodynamic Sole do wonders in increasing the swing speed. As the driver is in motion, the club face rotates continually to cut through the air for an aerodynamic impact. Out of the three models of the TaylorMade SIM, SIM Max-D is the most forgiving with its Draw Biased Model.

The SIM Max has a 8% larger face than SIM, and the Max-D has an 18% larger face. It is a plus for golfers who want more control and are looking for greater forgiveness. TaylorMade Max-D SIM is meticulously designed after studying the correlation of impact location with handicaps. Golfers can keep all three models of Taylormade SIM  alongside, study their sight prefernces and decide which one to select.

The selling point: The TaylorMade Max-D is the most forgiving drivers among the three SIM models. The aerodynamic Sole is a new shape given by the company that effectively increases the club fac speed. Draw biased model adds greater forgiveness to the driver which is particularly beneficial to senior golf players. The Max-D also has a better launch and has a 18% larger head. This is again a boon for seniors who will select a bigger face driver due to eyesight considerations. This is the longest driver released by TayMade till date, though a little on the expensive side, is one of the best drivers to increase your speed.


  • 18% greater face than SIM
  • Great ball speed and accuracy
  • High rate of forgiveness
  • High launch
  • Progressive Face Heights Technology


  • Not much of an upgrade from predecessor-M6

Callaway Maverick Max Driver

callaway mavrik max drivercallaway maverick max driver club face

A step up in the Maverick series from Callaway, the Max Driver is designed for greater avenues. The Maverick Max has all the features of the Maverick, plus some more. The Maverick Max is designed by a supercomputer and is equipped with Flash FaceSS20 technology that provides an expansive area and faster speeds. The FS2S titanium body makes the equipment lightweight by 6 gms while promoting speed, strength, and forgiveness.

The Jailbreak technology connects the crown to the sole for increasing ball speed and the crown is designed using carbon that promotes better MOI. The model has a high launch and a mid-spin, along with custom shafts and grips to match varied golfing suitabilities. This aerodynamic driver has a pleasing sound with a high level of forgiveness.

The Selling Point-The Maverick Max has the most prominent head size in the Maverick series and is draw biased that protects against slices. And most interestingly, this intelligent driver has two interchangeable weights(14g and 2g)in the sole and the heel. For maximum MOI and forgiveness, senior players can place the 14g weight in the rear. And while Maverick has a lower MOI than the Epic Flash, its accuracy rate is 13% higher.

With the above features of optimum weight, long length, high forgiveness, high launch, and prominent head size, this driver is perfectly suited for senior golf players. The pricing is competitive when compared to other drivers in the market. All in all, a very lucrative investment for golfers aged above 50. And, one of my top 3 picks for Golf drivers for seniors.


  • Designed using Artificial intelligence
  • Better distance control
  • Excellent feel at impact
  • Prominent head size
  • Good yardage
  • Customizable


  • You may have to try different shafts for the perfect fit

Cobra King F9 Speedback

Cobra king f9 speedbackcobra king f9 speedback driver club face

The Cobra King F9 Speedback is an innovative iron designed to achieve the perfect combination of low CG and greater forgiveness, that translates into the finest driver shots. Is the driver truly what it claims to provide? Let’s find out.

A low and deep CG increases the launch, carry, and ball speed. Cobra achieves this by adding a band of steel to the back perimeter, thus creating a strategic Speedback shape that aids in maintaining a conventional sole width. Cobra has provided a responsive feel by adding a 3 piece multi-medallion design incorporating aluminum, TPU, and acrylic foam. Further, the leading edges are softer, the crown flatter, and the trailing edge has moved upwards.

Interestingly, the F9 speed back now resembles a performance bike having been sculpted around the edges of the head to increase airflow. As opposed to the F8 driver, F9 has Power Ridges that smoothen the airflow. Another feature is the E9™ variable thickness face design and PWRSHELL Technology that increases the Sweet zone, transcending into better speeds and higher launches. The Cobra Connect feature powered by Arccos, syncs with the Arccos caddie app, allows users to track and monitor their game.

The selling point– Cobra has always been known to provide the desired performance. The new head shape, high forgiveness, and low CG position, all combine to provide better ball speed. Just like the F8 model, the F9 retains the milled face. Senior drivers can adjust the center of gravity point and the loft setting, along with some good quality shaft options, thus making it a great choice for seniors.  Pricing too is very competitive.


  • Extra ball speed
  • Expansive sweet zone
  • Greater forgiveness than F8
  • Nice aesthetics
  • Low CG
  • Responsive feel
  • Connectivity with the Cobra Arrcos app


  • Gains over the F8 are minimal

Cobra SPEEDZONE Tour Length Driver

cobra speedzone tour length drivercobra speedzone tour length driver club face

The Cobra Speedzone retains its traditional Speedback shape with front to back CG weight adjustability. The milled area gets a 95% increase from the F9 Speedback with the new infinity-edge face design. The name Speedzone is devised owing to the different speed zones that are incorporated. Cobra Speedzone is the exclusive driver among golf clubs to incorporate a CNC milled face.

The Speedzone features a Titanium T-bar Speed Chassis which is lighter and more resilient. The chassis becomes sturdier as the 360 carbon Crown Wrap covers 50% of the club body. This saves 25g of weight which is distributed low for creating an ideal launch. For a lower CG, 69gms of weight has been placed very low to create a high launch and low spin by distributing energy optimally.

With a milled perimeter and a streamlined shape, Speedzone uses Aerodynamics to harnesses optimum airflow. This reduces drag and increases clubhead speed and acceleration speed.

The selling point: The Speedzone driver has a high MOI, as the weight is positioned away from gravity, providing stability on off-center hits. With the new 6 zones, you can now hit the ball straighter and with more ease. One of the best drivers for seniors, it has a racing feel to it and an upgrade from the Speedback. The impact response feels good and you will know exactly where the ball is going.

Also, the Speedzone is suitable even in difficult weather conditions and the Arccos caddie app enables senior golfers to analyze and study their game. Considering the competitive price, it’s one of the best bets for senior golfers this season.


  • Fine-tuned launch and spin
  • Good forgiveness
  • Lighter and resilient T-bar chassis
  • Low CG
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Connectivity with the Cobra Arccos app


  • Availability is an issue

Titleist TS2 Driver

titleist ts2 driver

Titleist has fast become the first option for many golfers around the world. And why not, if your driver is quicker, straighter, and seamless to hit with. Titleist uses the Active Recoil Channel 3.0, a technology designed to engineer greater face elasticity, faster speeds, and greater distances. Top Features of the TS include low and deep CG with adjustable swing weight, that provides forgiveness and accuracy with phenomenal speed. The refined variable thickness gives greater forgiveness and faster ball speeds.

The new shaft lineup is a result of rigorous testing and provides golfers the versatility to select the most suited shafts for their gameplay. The face is designed to be thinner and lighter for greater speed, moves the saved weight lower, and improves the MOI. The TS2 has the greatest MOI among the 917 and the TS3.

The Selling point: The TS2 does not have an adjustable SureFit CG cylinder in the sole. It carries a single sole weight in the rear that goes low and back. The TS2 is a forgiving driver with custom shaft options. The Mitsubishi Tensei is a shaft option that is lighter to swing, very convenient for senior players. With a moderate length, custom shafts, good forgiveness, and great speed, senior players


  • Highly forgiving
  • Great speed
  • Low and deep CG
  • Aggressive swing
  • Active recoil channel 3.0 for greater face flexibility
  • 4 types of shaft options


  • Not much improvement with speed and distance over the previous 917 model
  • Spin is high for senior players

XXIO X Black Driver

xxio x black driverxxio x black driver club face

The XXIO X Black is the 11th generation model designed for slow hitting sounds and lower reverberation. The Dunlop flying technology takes the resilience of the driver to the next level. It achieves the best flying position for maximum impact. The X driver’s research and development team engineered the weight plus technology that concentrates the weight in the hand of the driver. This reduces the weight at the back at the time of take-off, creating ideal top positions.

The X driver uses the weight mechanism to shift the center of gravity of the club closer to your body. This results in the club seeming lighter that improves swings to attain greater speeds. Thus, you can hit the sweet spot more often and send the ball in a straight line. A huge part of the sole is constructed using carbon fiber that is resilient though light in weight.

The concentrated mass towards the back of the head provides maximum forgiveness. The XXIO X black driver has a slim fast Cup Face that can deliver better flight distances, for greater ball speeds and better distances. The club length is fairly long to support the game of senior golfers.

The selling point: The XXIO X Black is tailored to suit the gameplay of golfers with average swing speeds. The weight technology of the driver shifts the center of gravity towards the golfer’s body, providing better swings and greater distances, a great advantage for senior golfers. this feature helps in reducing force and providing a better balance. The metallic crown has a very appealing finish that gives it a premium look. The strikes have a good rollout with a mid-center trajectory and impressive consistency. The only consideration is the high price. However, if your budget permits this one-time investment, go for it.


  • Deep straight face for better hitting of targets
  • Short reverberation- slow hitting sound
  • Dunlop Flying Technology for better impact
  • Flat cup face for resilient performance
  • Weight Plus Technology to create ideal top positions
  • Composite carbon structure
  • Larger sweet spot


  • A bit on the expensive side

HONMA BERES 07 2-Star Driver

honma beres 07 2-star driverhonma beres 07 2-star driver club face

Recognized as the most premium and elite golf club brand across the globe, Beres is designed in Japan, adhering to high standards of Honma quality by the Takumi craftsmen. Designed using exceptional quality of the permission wood, they are handcrafted first before being digitized in CAD files, to ensure the striking appearance they finally take shape into.

Every minute detail from paint, finish, polishing, and badge detailing is optimally taken care of. The maximum Active Speed slot feature provides at slow swing speeds and compels the sole to flex and create greater distances with better ball speed. The internal Radial-Face Rib technology delivers high COR, translating into greater speed and larger distances.

The Homna Beres 07 comprises of ARMRQ 2S shafts made with exemplary materials in the industry. Engineered with the Multi-axis metal Hybrid Armour Fiber technology, it increases shaft strength under the hands and provides complete balance while applying greater swing speed. The driver also bears a high smash-factor design with a soft mid-section that provide better speed to cover greater distances.

The selling point: For those Senior players who would finally like to invest in top-of-the-line golf equipment, this is your pick. Honma Beres 07 will not just offer a superior gaming experience, this piece will stand out as a jewel in your golfing collection.

The Honma Beres 07 is a masterpiece that you must add to your revered collection. Players who use Honma Beres want to buy just this brand repeatedly. The speed, ease of play, grip, distance achieved, every shot is an unmatched experience. The exquisite look makes this golf club a heads turner and this technologically advanced driver ensures a worthwhile game.  The pricing, however, goes much above and beyond other drivers available in the market.


  • Unparallel beauty
  • Handcrafted first then digitized
  • Maximum Active Speed Slot
  • Radial face rib technology
  • Superior shaft quality
  • Larger distances are achieved


  • Very expensive

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Let’s face it, there comes a moment when your swing speed drops off and you can’t get the ball as far as you used to. In your 50s, you tend to have a considerable falloff in both elasticity and strength.

As you age, your physical ability may decline but you remain just as competitive and ready to smash the links as you ever were. Just because you’re older than golfers with a higher swing speed doesn’t mean you can’t hit your drives.  With the best golf drivers for seniors, you will cherish this sport to quite an age as you will be able to get off the tee successfully.

Based on all the above criteria, we have listed 10 best golf drivers for seniors trending in the market today. When it comes to the best drivers for seniors, it boils down to personal choice. Some golfers prefer to have longer shafts while some just like a better loft angle.

All of the impressive golf drivers we have featured in this guide will benefit the seniors. One, however, stands out as the winner. The Callaway Maverick Max Driver is an outstanding gear for senior golfers. It ticks all the right boxes in terms of forgiveness, distance, confidence, and speed. Featuring an appealing look, this premium driver for seniors offers an incredible loft and is worth your investment.

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