Putting with blade putter

The traditional form of putters, the blade putter is still very popular among golfers of all types, including beginner golfers.

If using the putter is your strong point, then you are a winning golf player. The putting stroke is many times the deciding stroke of the game. The blade putter produces a soft hit that is quintessential on the header greens. Every golf player uses a blade putter at some point, even if it was at a mini-golf course.

When we talk about aesthetics, the clean lines and the classic look of the blade lures the golfer, as the charm of this club lies in its simplicity. With the evolution of technology and upgrade in the standard of golf equipment, there have been many changes in the weight and material of the blade putters. The basic design, however, remains the same over the years.

To achieve the lowest scores possible, the putter you choose matters. That’s why Birdie Golf Pro has put together a collection of the best blade putters to fit your needs.

Quick Picks

List of the 16 Best Blade Putters

The market is flooded with a wide variety of different features, types, and brands and this article will help you figure out which blade putter is best for you.   

PING Sigma 2 Blade Putters

The Ping Sigma 2 Blade Putter is a winning PGA tour putter with a toe-heel ballast that increases the MOI. The nice contours, the sleek top rail, and the clean alignment line are the upgraded features in the new iteration.

The Anser, Kushin C, and the ZB2 are the three models in Stigma 2 putters, designed to suit a variety of golfing gameplay.

Dual Durometer face: The durometer Peepax material provides a soft responsive feel to the face of the putter. The front soft layers ensure soft and delicate strokes. The back layer is tough offering robust feedback and distance control in longer putts.

Adjustable length shaft: The adjustable shaft is USGA-approved, with a sleek design and easy maneuverability. You can easily adjust the shaft length with an adjuster tool between 32″ to 36″. Adjusting the shaft length allows the players to improve their posture and establish comfortable alignment and eye level.

TR Technology: The TR face pattern enhances the touch, pace, and feel of the Ping Sigma. The precision pattern offers off-center impacts for consistent ball speeds. It enhances the full-face forgiveness to improve accuracy.

Grip Options: For optimal feel and fit, the Ping Sigma is equipped with three proprietary PING grip designs. The grip options range from midsize and lightweight, a slightly heavier grip, to a still lightweight, but with a larger, more rounded shape.

Fetch Ball-Pickup Feature: The putter is designed with a golf-ball-size center hole so that you can pick up the ball off the green or remove it from the cup with the putter head without having to bend down.

The adjustable shaft length, responsive face design, and optimal grip options make the Ping Sigma 2 putter one of the best blade putters in the market.


  • Responsive face design
  • TR precision pattern to reduce mis-hits
  • Simple alignment
  • Clean top rail
  • Customized shaft length
  • 3-grip options
  • Increased MOI


  • None

PING Vault 2.0 Blade Putters

PING Vault 2.0 Blade Putters are available in two models, the classic Anser 2 and the new Voss. Both the models weigh 350g, are milled from a 303 Stainless Steel and have both Platinum or a darker Slate PVD finish on offer.

TRUE-ROLL FACE TECHNOLOGY Equipped with a precision-milled True Roll Face Technology, you can enjoy full-face forgiveness and a soft feel for delivering a consistent performance. The milled face pattern speeds up off-center impacts, improving consistency and minimizing three-putts.

CUSTOM-WEIGHT BALANCED. The vault Blade putters are custom weight balanced so that you can match your length and balance preference. The models have three stroke types: slight arc, straight, and strong arc. The hosel bend determines whether a model is a slight arc, straight, or strong arc.

The firm head feel, along with the excellent sound gives great feedback and is ideal for softer balls. The putts are consistent on the center area of the face The True Roll face technology, with milled pattern and a premium finish, all contribute to refined feel and performance. These vault blade putters, especially the Anser 2 are unmistakenly one of the best blade putters around.


  • Milled TR pattern
  • Custom-weight balanced
  • Better off-center impacts
  • Lesser 3-putts
  • Excellent sound and feedback


  • No new technology in the head compared to previous lines

Maruman Verity MP-7206 Blade Putter

The Verity Maruman MP-7206 is an excellent blade putter preferred by seasoned golfers. The Maruman company offers excellent deals for every budget of golfing equipment. From the affordable Verity range to the premium Majesty range that made to the Forbes list of the most expensive golf clubs, there is an offering for every level of golf players.

Maruman has been developing golf clubs for 40 years, using its cutting-edge Japanese technology. The Verity is a toe-heel balanced putter and a preferred choice for players who like to concentrate on the feel of the shots with ultimate precision and control.

Maruman continually works towards improving the performance of its golf clubs and is regularly upgrading their technology. Every Maruman putter is designed with distance control, feel, and performance in mind. This is another great option for one of the best blade putters.


  • Superior technology
  • Toe-heel balanced
  • Excellent feel and control


  • Not easily available

Evnroll Blade Putters

The Evnroll range of putters is designed keeping in mind high-quality and consistent performances. The Evnroll line of putters is known for their excellent roll on the ball. You can test the performance level yourself by experimenting with several balls and every time you hit with the Evnroll ER2, you will get the same consistent result.

The ER2 is a well-crafted putter with aesthetically pleasing looks. Weighing 370 gms, the heel-toe weighted flange putter has deeper front-to-back dimensions. The stainless steel head offers an audible click sound on the ball at impact. The lineup is seamless owing to the unique alignment dots that combine with the line on the flange. With the 15 degrees of toe hang, you can settle in for a slight arch stroke.

Here are the various Evnroll putter models:

ER1TS Blade – An extreme heel and toe weighted flare-back blade.

ER2 Center Shaft MidBlade – A patented center-shafted wide heel and toe weighted flange blade.

ER1.2 TourBlade – A traditional plumber neck flange blade.

ER2 Mid Blade – A wide and short heel-toe weighted flange blade.

ER2 MidBlade Black – Toe weighted flange blade.

ER2.2 MidBlade – A heel and toe weighted flare-back blade.

ER3 WingBlade – A heel and toe weighted flare-back blade.

The groove-face technology increases the MOI at impact while also adding to the soft feel. the sturdy durable grip ensures that you have complete control over your shots. The putter combines the best of performance, distance control, and feel to make your golf game an enjoyable experience.


  • Most consistent roll
  • Incredible dispersion
  • Sturdy grip
  • Solid feel
  • Great set up and alignment
  • Refined looks
  • Fewer putts


  • Heavier head than other blades
  • Expensive

Scotty Cameron 2020 Special Select Cusom Fit Puters - Squareback 2

The Scotty Cameron Special Select Custom Putter-Squareback 2 is a premium tour-inspired blade. The other blade putters in the Scotty Cameron range include the Scotty Cameron Newport blade putters. The ‘pistolini’ grip is added for a comfortable hold on these putters.

For stability in off-center hits, tungsten weights have been added to the heel and toe. You can customize the Balanced weighting system to improve the performance and feel of the putter. In some models, however, the grip feels very thin, considering the added sole weight.

The Scotty Cameron Squareback 2 custom putter is one of the most expensive blade putters in the market. The feel is good and the premium finish imparts a luxurious look to the putter. The option of adding heavier weights gives more forgiveness to players who like arc swing putters.

Distance control is another strong point and the flat topline provides a sleek look. The refined neck dimensions, edges, and angles add to the neat look from the address. Order your choice of custom fittings to design your very own best blade putter for a better feel, performance, and distance control.


  • Classic aesthetics     
  • Premium feel     
  • Excellent feel and sound
  • Higher MOI
  • Milled with 303 stainless steel
  • Compact look
  • soft, tri-sole design


  • Very expensive
  • Thin grip

Bettinardi Queen B Series QB6 Putter

Bettinardi B6 is a timeless putter with the most striking looks among other putters on the greens. The steller performance complements the looks of this popular putter. It is more expensive than the average blade putter but the feel, sound, and distance control uplift the performance of this sheer beauty.

The sleek head is crafted from a single block of soft Carbon Steel. The precision face milling uses the Bettinardi honeycomb design, the brainchild of Robert J. Bettinard. This milled design was designed to deliver outstanding consistency and control with a pleasing feel.

The ball roll is consistent and the design works particularly well for golfers with an arc stroke. It is a highly responsive putter and an ideal cross between the putter and the mallet.

Going back to the looks, the face milling is distinctive and the Rose Gold finish is impressive. This is complemented by the hand-painted detailing in white and Tiffany Blue. There is a white alignment aid that stands out and works well for most.

This putter is popular with both amateurs and many tour professionals. Bettinardi B6 is one of the best blade putters with a durable glare-resistant finish. An inspiring visual beauty at every putt!


  • Gorgeous looks
  • Soft carbon steel face
  • Honeycomb design precision milling
  • Good control
  • Soft feel
  • Defined ball roll
  • Responsive feedback
  • Good sound


  • Expensive
  • Tight headcover

Cleveland Huntington Beach Putters

Cleveland Huntington Beach putters employ precision deep face milling in a diamond pattern for excellent performance and consistency. The 304 Stainless Steel head adds to the precision and feel, while also being highly durable. When you hit with the steel Cleveland golf putter, you can experience a firm hit as opposed to hitting with a cotton-ball insert.

Cleveland Huntington Beach 4- A plumber’s neck design with a softer feel, sharper angles, weighs 345 g, and a squarer look.

The milled face of this putter results in a consistent roll to the ball resulting in a better strike. When we talk about looks, this combination of materials and engineering gives the Cleveland Huntington Beach putter a sleek and stylish look. Another advantage with the Cleveland Huntington Beach putter is the level of customization. One can adjust the lie angle by 4-degrees either way.

The recent technology offered by Cleveland has positioned the company for developing leading putters that are popular options with beginners as well as professional golfers.

The putter does have both vertical and horizontal sightlines, however, they do not extend to the face front, which is an issue with new players.

And the biggest bonus? While Huntington uses top-quality materials, design, and engineering, this putter is highly affordable. For those wanting a blade putter with a soft feel the Beach Collection #4 is an excellent option to explore.


  • Soft feel
  • Affordable
  • Precision and consistency
  • Delivers a good roll
  • Sleek design
  • Good feedback and sound
  • Durable
  • Customizable lie angle


  • No sightlines on the front of the face
  • The softness takes time to get adapted to

Odyssey White Hot OG Putter

Some blade putter designs have a timeless appeal and demand. The White Hot OG putter from Odyssey is the most iconic and to date, one of the best blade putters owing to its high-level consistent performances and top-notch design properties.

The White Hot OG putter has been designed by availing inputs from PGA players and professional golfers who suggested improvisations in the Odyssey standard putter designs with its original White Hot technology.

Equipped with the two-part urethane insert technology, the White Hot OG putter is back with the original sound, feel, and performance of the White Hot. The rich silver PVD finish and meticulous milling on the finishes provide a sophisticated and complete finish.

The Odyssey offers customized shaft options with Odyssey’s premium step-less steel shaft, and the tour-winning, multi-material, Odyssey Stroke Lab shaft. For an elegant touch, these Odyssey Stroke Lab shafts are fitted with the classy gray DFX Rubber Grip.

Odyssey went back polishing its original technology to come up with the most advanced putter that is loved by beginners and tour golfers alike. The highlight of Odyssey technology is its collaboration with Callaway that resulted in the golf ball design Rule 35 urethane-covered ball. These White Hot inserts feature the same urethane-material.

The insert face is firm on touch but magically softens on the impact from the ball. This combination hits the sweet spot for the perfect rolling action. Odyssey stayed with the basic insert technology, upgrading the rest of the putter with modern advancements. The putter heads are cast and then milled to add ridges and other textures.

The milled surface, great alignment, and a defined click sound at impact offer a great playing experience at the greens. One of the best blade putters for beginners, handicappers, and expert golfers at a great price and performance.


  • Odyssey DFX Rubber grip
  • Alignment aid
  • Precisely milled after casting
  • Double-layer original urethane White Hot Insert
  • New Odyssey Stroke Lab/step-less steel shaft
  •  Striking aesthetics
  • Soft feel


  •  Feels a bit too soft for some golfers

Wilson Staff Infinite putters

With more than a century of experience, Wilson is a reputed name in the golfing business. The Wilson Infinite range of putters houses 8 classic designs that include both mallet and blade putters, in a highly affordable price bracket. These sleek design putters from the Wilson infinite range look good, perform well, and is well-priced.

The Windy City is a double-milled face blade putter with a counterbalanced technology that gives smoother strokes. The putter is heel-toe weighted and the face features a polymer insert with multiple micro-injections. A new ultra dark PVD finishing reduces glare and accentuates sight-lines. 

The new perforated pattern offers an improved sound and feel. The White, Black color contrast with Red Accents adds to the visual appeal of the putter. the putter has an oversize design construction for an improved feel and limits rotation during stroke.

The putter has an alignment aid that assists handicappers and beginners in adjusting the line of sight. The plumber hosel along with the alignment aid works well to improve accuracy. This also aids in better arc stroke swings.

At 104 gms, the slightly oversized grip is comfortable and works well even in the wet. Despite being a budget blade putter, this will work well for all putting strokes at all levels of the game.

The dark matte-finish reduces glare and accentuates the sight-lines. With these top-of-the-line features and performance, the Windy City features in our list of top blade putters.


  • Affordable
  • Soft and pleasing feel
  • Highly Forgiving
  • Heavy grip construction
  • Counter-balanced putter
  • Sleek design
  • Good alignment aid
  • Comfortable grip


  • Some found it lacked consistency
  • Not the most durable

PING Vault 2.0 Blade putters

While blade putters are generally not as forgiving as the mallet putter, the Ping Vault Blade putter is an exception. A highly forgiving putter, the custom-weighting is a big bonus, as you will not see this feature in blade putters. With this facility, you can customize the Ping Vault as per your specific putting style, to improve accuracy and distance.

The precision-milled face incorporates Ping’s True Roll technology, thereby adding to the accuracy. It also enhances forgiveness and consistency. The 303 stainless steel face offers a good feel, responsive feedback, and a pleasing sound. These simplistic features combine to make the Ping Vault one of the best putters in this price range.

The hosel bend of a putter determines the arc of the putting stroke. The combination of TR technology, premium finish, luxury components, weighting, and grip selection, all contribute to a tour-caliber feel and performance. The Ping Vault is one of our choices for the best blade putter, owing to its performance, an ergonomic comfortable grip, and the high-quality magnetic protective headcover.


  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Soft feel
  • Durable
  • Comfortable grip
  • Magnetic headcover included
  • Customized weighting
  • True Roll technology


  • On the expensive end

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putters

Showcasing the iconic 2-ball technology, the Triple Track blade putter is a double-bend face-balanced putter. It comes packed with the triple track alignment system is inspired by Vernier Hyper Acuity. Best suited for strokes with minimal face rotation and arc, the multi-material Stroke Lab shaft improves your stroke.

And the new Microhinge Star insert offers a consistent forward roll. With these exciting features, the Triple-track blade putter is one of our strong contenders for the best blade putter.

Odyssey has always strived to put extra effort into is the balance and weight distribution. With the ultralight graphite Stroke Lab shaft, they can save as much as 40 grams which enabled them to shift weight to other parts for improved performance. The shaft is stiffly designed for better control of your shots. The Tungsten weight adds to the smoothness and control of the putter.

Another area Odyssey has focused on is the face technology that features multiple micro hinges on the face. This feature provides a smooth and consistent roll with a fair amount of topspin, thereby offering accuracy and great distance control.

The triple-track focuses on the proper alignment of the putter with the ball. It features three visible lines placed on top of the putter head, on the lines of Callaway’s patented line technology. These intuitive triple track alignment lines improve the golfers’ roll and consistency, making it one of the top Tour putters and one of the best blade putters all across the golfing spectrum.


  • Triple-track alignment     
  • Great putting training tool for golfers
  • Suitable for people looking for a firm feel
  • Stroke lab shaft
  • New micro hinge star insert


  • Insert is a little firm     
  • Both the ball and the putter have to be placed together for correct alignment

Scotty Cameron 2018 Select Putters

The next generation of Scotty Cameron Select™ employs Scotty’s multi-material construction technology of using face inlays of either 303 stainless steel or 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum. These face inlays are complemented with stainless steel bodies for optimal balance, weight, distance control, sound, and feel.

The Newport Range of Scotty Cameron putters is designed for PGA tour players and top golfers who enjoy precision in every putting stroke. These are among the best blade putters and the top choice for many seasoned golfers.


The Newport’s iconic “three-tier” design features a shorter, rounder blade with a 303 Stainless Steel inlay. The new graphic designs extend Scotty’s iconic three red dot theme to the face heel and sole.

Newport 2W

The Newport 2 has minor upgrades in the topline radius milling. this makes it appear slimmer from address, making it a Tour-preferred blade putter favored by the world’s top players. With the added 30% more vibration dampening material improves sound, as well. this is yet another choice for one of the best blade putters in the market.

Newport 2.5

With softer milling of the flared neck that offers ¾ shaft offset and higher toe flow, while combining the line’s four-way sole balancing setup and vibration dampening material connecting the face to the body.

Newport 3

The heel-shafted Newport 3 combines a teardrop-shaped design with high toe flow. Flange milling has been smoothed for more sculpted contours while the four-way sole balancing results in improved vibration reduction.

With improved sound, the four-way balanced sole design, modern aesthetics, and the mid-milled face, we have a winning putter that syncs together an effortless blend of high-powered performance with an exceptional feel.

SeeMore Platinum RST Hosel Putters top view SeeMore Platinum RST Hosel Putters angle view 

There are actually very few putters in the market that really help a golfer with his putting strokes. Seemore’s patented alignment Red dot system named Riflescope Technology(RST) is a boon for golfers who have to work on their alignment. To complement this technology, the Plumber Neck Hosel has been simplified to an RST hosel design.

The 100% USA Machine Milled fluted barrel fits the head on a single plane angle, at 70 degrees, and the design connects closer to the sweet spot, offering a welcome twist to the classic offset plumber neck design. The RST directs the putter’s face in the right direction. For golfers keeping their hands slightly forward, the SeeMore’s patented and proven RST alignment system is ideal for their style of playing.

Platinum-M7 tour

The M7 is a platinum finish beauty in a traditional design. This tour-inspired blade design is similar to SeeMore’s m1 and m2 blades. A striking feature of the M7 is the back heel cut-away for optimum balance and slim optics.

The RifleScope Technology (RST) from Seemore improves the alignment. The new “Sniper Scope” logo, represents the ultimate Performance, Precision, and Exclusivity. Features like the offset plumber neck hosel design, 40-degree toe hang, and the 100% Milled 303 Stainless Steel putter head makes the M7 a golfer’s delight. The M7 comes with a choice of lightweight steel shaft (80 grams), or standard steel shaft (100 grams), depending upon the total putter weight.

All SeeMore Putter Models are designed using the SeeMore’s patented RifleScope Technology (RST) Alignment System, the provides a perfect alignment and set up on every putt. For tour-players and mid-handicappers, the M7 delivers superior performance and is one of the best blade putters in the market.


  • A unique twist to the plumber’s neck
  • RST-“Hide the Red Dot” alignment aid.
  • Classic blade delivering modern performance
  • 303 Stainless steel blade
  • Milled aluminum insert for a smoother roll
  •  A perfectly aligned putter


  •   A slight chunky feel

TaylorMade Tour Monaco Nickel Platinum Putter

TaylorMade Tour Monaco Nickel Platinum Putter (2 of 15) is one of the few TaylorMades that have been designed for serious golfers and collectors alike. This golf putter is a rare prototype available only at FairwayGolfUSA!

The Taylormade KiaMa Milled Putters are a work of art, designed by the skilled hands of Kia Ma. This man is the master in the art of putter-making, a respected name among tour professional golfers. Each KiaMa putter is intricately numbered, and Kia Ma signs every headcover.

The KiaMa putters are composed with utmost precision with every edge, curve, and surface duly carved with care. KiaMa putters are a perfect balance of beauty, precision, and functionality. Milled from soft 1020 carbon steel or 304 Stainless Steel, the sleek midnight black or satin finishes add a touch of glam and durability to the putter.

You can customize each putter and hosels come in flare tip and plumbers neck style, where you can choose your individual style.


  • Crafted with precision
  • Top-notch aesthetics
  • classy design
  • Milled technology
  • Midnight Black and satin finishes


  • Very pricey

Odyssey Red 2018 O-Works LE Putter

The Odyssey Red 2018 O-Works LE Putter Microhinge technology provides an unmatched roll off the putter face. With this line of Odyssey Red 2018 blade putters, you will experience superior progress for topspin and roll at impact irrespective of the type of stroke you hit.

#1 Tank

#1 Tank is a rounded heel-toe weighted blade putter in red finish with a crank-neck hosel, Microhinge Insert, and a Tank counterbalance.

#7 Tank

The O-Works Red #7 Tank Putter is a modified mallet in a red finish with weighted alignment wings, Microhinge Face Insert, sole weighting, full-shaft offset, and Tank counterbalance.

#1 Wide S

The O-Works Red #1 Wide S Putter is a compact heel-toe weighted blade in red finish with a wide flange, S-neck hosel, and a Microhinge Insert.

The stainless steel Microhinge plate of these putters is co-molded into a Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer, enhancing the feel and aiding to a better roll at impact. The new Red finish with the Microhinge insert is incorporated on the lines of the company’s tour feedback.

Odyssey Hot Pro has retained its no. 1 position over the years. These putters continue to reign across significant golf tournaments and the PGA tour, especially the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 putter. The Odyssey white hot pro 2.0 is undisputedly the best putter for beginners. The Hot pro 2.0 putter is designed using customized shaft lengths, while the iconic white hot insert adds features of pure roll and responsive feedback. If you are an ardent golfer, do try your hand at this stunning performer from Odyssey.

The #1 Tank and # Wide S, are two models of O-work Red LE putter range from Odyssey that you must check out as they are featuring among the best blade putters on our list.


  • Soft feel and sound  
  • Responsive feedback
  • Classic blade design with red finish
  • Pure roll
  • Microhinge insert


  • The grip was an issue with some golfers

Bettinardi 2021 Studio Stock Series Putter

The Bettinardi 2021 Studio Stock Series is designed using inputs from top tour players and the highest performing putters on Tour. The Roll Control Face™ milling promotes more topspin at impact, offering better control on the distance, and a true roll. The Roll Control Face™ gives players feel and optimal responsive feedback at impact, without the use of any insert.

The clean Diamond Blast finish introduced in 2021, gives each model a fresh silver look for a clean appearance from the address. The sleek red and black paint scheme along with the silver anti-glare finish adds a professional, aesthetic appeal to the Bettinardi 2021.

All the Bettinardi 2021 Studio Stock models are manufactured using the proprietary blend of 303 Stainless Steel. The company employs the finest blends of steel that allow for exceptional feel and performance for all levels of players.

Studio Stock 7

The Studio Stock 7 is a middle path design putter for the player looking for a compact mid-mallet putter with attention to detail on the putter head. One of Bettinardi’s most appealing, original designs to date, the putter head has a unique half-moon shape giving a curve to the flange that enables players to easily line the ball. The spud neck is rightfully positioned with a single bend shaft for a face-balanced putter for professional-putting strokes that inspire confidence at every putt.

Studio Stock 17

The SS17 is a tour-inspired classic, heel-toe weighted blade with a sleek high-toe topline and milled slant neck for top-notch visual cues. The soft tri-plane design on the sole provides consistent setup at every important putt. The blade is enhanced with modern aesthetics offering tons of confidence on the greens.

Studio Stock 18

The Studio Stock 18 is added to the 2021-22 lineup as the putter features some distinguished properties of tour-grade performance. The plumber’s neck is bent slightly backward, with the right amount of offset from the address. Showcasing a sleek design, the crowned top line, and the low profile body coupled with the traditional blade, this classic head shape from Bettinardi is designed using inputs from the PGA Tour feedback.

Studio Stock 28

The Studio Stock 28 is a classic face-balanced blade putter with elegant contours of a professional-level model with a sleek design. One of the best blade putters from Bettinardi!


  • Roll Control Face
  • Responsive feedback and optimal feel
  • Clean diamond silver finish
  • Sleek red paint


  • The grip was an issue with some golfers

Looking for the best putters overall? Including mallets?

Check out our latest review on the 17 best putters for the average golfer. It will help you find the best putter for your needs and price point.

What is the best blade putter?

When we talk about the best Blade putter, there is one unanimous name that comes to the mind- The OdysseyWhite Hot OG Putter. This putter is not only the top choice of putters for PGA tournament golfers, even beginners and high-handicappers benefit by using this putter in their gameplay.

The two-layer urethane insert offers incredible sound and feel, for a next-level performance experience. There are custom head shapes to select from and the shafts are fitted with the classy gray DFX Rubber Grip. The intricate milling on the edges with the rich silver PVD finish completes the luxuriant look of the putter.

  • Incredible performance and feel
  • Two-layer original urethane White Hot Insert
  • Shaft options-Stepless steel or new Stroke Lab
  • Superior Odyssey DFX Rubber grip
  • Striking aesthetics


What to look for in a great blade putter?

What features should you look? Before you make your putter purchase decision, here are a few factors you must consider.


The feel of the putter is difficult to define. It is a combination of balance, materials, weight, design, and other factors that a player perceives while playing golf. It is a personal preference and some players simply find the feel of one putter better than others.

Further, some putters have a more comfortable design and grip for seamless putting strokes. Some golf companies offer face materials or inserts for their putters that will create a softer feel on impact. Blades have a simple sleek design that offers a better feel than many mallet putters. This is one of the reasons they remain extremely popular, especially with the professional league of golfers.


Forgiveness refers to how the putt responds when you strike it near the toe or heel. A more forgiving putter will still deliver good distance control and accuracy in these cases. Blade putters are designed for more serious gaming, so they generally do not offer as much forgiveness as most mallet putters. The contemporary blade putters are being designed to offer forgiveness as well.

Ball roll

The main purpose of a good putter is to achieve great distances and speed, albeit, to achieve an accurate and consistent roll. For putting strokes, we do not want any lift or bounce when the ball is stuck as this diminishes the accuracy and control. The design and face of the putter play an essential role in achieving the perfect roll. Face milling and face inserts are added to improve the quality of the ball roll.


The balance accounts for the sturdy grip of the putter when you strike the ball. A poorly balanced putter will wobble when you hit the ball, reducing the accuracy of the shot. The placement of the weight and hosel will decide the balance of the putter.

Face inserts

A face insert offers a softer feel and elevates the performance of a putting stroke. Contemporary putters are equipped with inserts for many purposes; for a soft feel while others deliver a harder roll. Again, this is a matter of choice and largely depends on your style of playing the putting stroke.


The hosel design helps certain styles of putting and is directly dependant on the golfer’s style of playing. With the right hosel, you will feel confidant and comfortable while playing your putting strokes on the green. The popular offset hosel is one of the preferred hosel designs.

An offset hosel ensures your hands are forward as you strike the ball. Again, it depends on the putting stroke on what works for you.


The grip on your putter is an important consideration to determine the quality of your putting stroke. Blade putters with an ergonomic design will enhance the grip of your putter. Modern grip designs offer an optimized grip that offers precision, accuracy, and control. The design of the grip and thickness are two relevant factors. Some prefer a thicker grip while others will find more control from a thinner grip.


The price range of blade putters varies from highly affordable designs to rather expensive ones. Big brands use advanced materials and workmanship and spend a lot of money on research and design. The price of the product will shoot up due to the phenomenal charges involved in the manufacturing and research. Although, it is not always the case that a great value for money cannot be found. There are quality blade putters for all pockets.


Are blade putters better?

The simplistic design of the blade putter is its biggest USP. The compact and simple design of the putter looks great at setup. Golfers prefer using an arc motion instead of straight to and fro motion. The size of the putter and its weight is best suited for this kind of arc motion.

While mallet putters are gaining ground due to their high level of forgiveness and alignment, the blade putter is still a very popular choice. It is the standard putter that people have been using for many years. When you are using any club in golf, you must feel confident with the equipment you’re using. Since most people are more comfortable playing with a blade, they prefer it over the mallet.

Putting is an area of golf that is not just about technique. It’s also how you feel in your head. The blade putter makes you feel confident, so many golfers prefer it over the mallet putter. for players who like to play precision-shots for better performance and feel, the blade putter is your pick.

Are blade putters less forgiving?

As discussed, blade putters are the more traditional kind of putters. Originally, Putters were flat and could be utilized from both sides. the contemporary blade designs have larger heads, though they do not extend as back as the mallet putter head designs.

Blade putter is also a popular choice among tournament players. The top golfers and tour players enjoy using the blades as it offers better consistency, clean shots, and a superior feel. Some of the best blade putters work great on the harder greens and provide excellent arc stroke shots.

When it comes to forgiveness and alignment, the blade putter is not as forgiving as the mallet putter. The alignment is less, just an inch or so, in contrast to the length of other mallets in the market. Hence, if you have an exceptional putting stroke, the blade putter is suitable. And, if you are a beginner or high handicapper, a blade putter may not be very suitable for you.

Blade or mallet- Which one should I pick?

 Blade putters are the more compact and light-weight putters that have been around ever since. Many senior golfers are comfortable using the blade putter.

Though recently, mallet putters are becoming popular, especially at the PGA tour. These have a large putter head and more weight on the rear to adjust the alignment. These features increase the MOI (moment of inertia) and reduce the chance of mishits, resulting in better forgiveness. Mallet putter face upwards with a deep design, pressing their weight away from the putter head, and have a low center of gravity.

Blade putters have more weight on the toe, which adds to a better feel and distance control on the putter shots. We suggest using a blade putter for beginners and high-handicappers as they need to work on their distance control and feel.

Who should use a blade putter?

Some specific golfers benefit from using blade putters. Here are some checkpoints to understand who should use the blade putter.

  • If your putting stroke has an arc to it, you should use a blade putter. The mallet putter is more suitable for a straight stroke.
  • If you want to work on your distance and feel, go for a blade putter. For golfers who have polished their distance and feel skills, the mallet putter is more suitable.
  • Traditional-style golfers prefer the blade putter.
  • Blade putter is suitable for players who have more control over the face of their putter through impact. In contrast, mallet putter allowS for a good hit and a higher MOI, so choose wisely depending upon your strong and weak points of play.


For arriving on the best blade putters for 2021, we looked for various factors that would help us provide an insight into where the market is moving. We weighed each putter based on the unique and functional features that it offers, the choices and preference of different levels of golfers, as well as the technological advancements the manufacturers have made to improve the performance of the blade putter.

An interesting observation that we made was that to improve the level of play, companies are offering the same model with multiple neck types. Modifying the plumber’s neck for a flow neck, can dramatically change the performance of a putter.

Every golfer has a defined style of playing. Hence a putter that is suitable for one, might not be apt for another player. Golfers can get customized fits for their individual stroke type to get better performance results.

Coming to the grip, the traditional pistol grip is fast becoming a popular choice. A comfortable grip not just adds confidence, it significantly improves the putting stroke and stability of the shot. Oversized grips are still preferred by many golfers, as it helps in restricting the hand movement during the putting stroke. 

For our choice of the best blade putter, we have picked the Odyssey White Hot OG Putter. This blade putter is not only the top choice of putters for PGA tournament golfers, even beginners and high-handicappers benefit by using this putter in their gameplay.

While the mallet putters are fast gaining ground, the blade putter is still the number 1 choice for playing looking to play a serious golf game. The distance control, the feel and the responsive feedback of a distinguished blade putter is unmatched!

For an extensive collection of the best blade putter for all level of players, visit Fairwaygolf.com

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