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The Best Push Cart Golf Bags 

Naturally, golf isn’t golf without the right equipment. And when most people think of golf equipment, they understandably think about clubs first. But this also means that one of the most important pieces gets overlooked: the perfect golf bag. Specifically, for those who prefer to use a push cart rather than spend the energy to carry their golf bag all over the course, the perfect golf bags for push carts.

The wrong equipment can cause damage to you, your game, and the equipment you’ve invested in. But, the goods news is that it is entirely preventable with a little work on your part. This means finding a great bag that’s compatible with your push cart.

So, considering all things that matter, Birdie Golf Pro has collected the best on the market right now for push cart golf bags?

Quick Picks

Best Budget-friendly Bag

Wilson W Cart Bag
  • Wilson w cart bag rd ps1
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Extremely affordable
  • Full-length dividers included

Things to Consider When Buying a Golf Bag for a Push Cart


Not all cart bags are created equal – and that means that you need to be sure your cart bag and push cart are a perfect match. As you browse your options, you may notice that certain golf bags are made to fit on top of certain push carts (this often applies within brands), and others are designed for a riding cart instead.

You can approach this issue one of two ways: either buy your push cart and golf bag together as a matching pair, or simply bear this concept in mind while you shop for whichever part you don’t currently have.

And be sure of which type of bag you are buying to begin with. Stand bags (usually) won’t do in this format.

Club Placement in Bag

Certain push cart bags have specially-placed slots for different types of clubs so you can keep your putters, drivers, woods and irons and other clubs in their proper spot according to how often you use them. If this is important to you, keep your eye out as you look through bags for this feature highlighted in the product description. 

Features You Want

Take a little extra time to jot down what you value most in your golf cart bag as you travel the course all day. Are full length dividers that keep your clubs protected a priority? What about a cart bag with a lined valuables pocket to keep your phone and wallet in?

Also consider how many clubs you’ll want with you in your bag. A 14 way cart golf bag may be more your style, or you could be someone who likes their golf cart bags a little smaller in size, in which case a 5 way top might be more your speed.

You may also want a magnetic ball pocket or a sturdy putter well, or other features like rain gear included in the set, as in a rain hood. All sorts of bags for push carts exist, so, just like if you were choosing golf clubs or a golf cart, make sure you’re getting exactly what you want in a golf bag – if you’re going to invest in both the item and any accessories you choose, make that investment count.

Good Bag Materials

As with any other purchase, you’re going to want to make sure the cart bag you’ve got your eye on will hold up through hundreds or thousands of rounds.

Of course, most websites selling golf cart bags won’t have the detail you need, so outside reviews are usually the way to go. When choosing the best golf bag for you, pay attention to reviewer comments regarding the bag’s materials, and take note of cart bag brands who use noticeably high-quality techniques and materials in their bags.

A lot of the problem areas these comments mention tend to be places where the golf bag creates friction with the cart (usually at the opening or at the back or sides) and badly-made pockets crafted out of cheap, flimsy mesh.

Be proactive and thorough as you research – reviews from customers and former or current users, unaffiliated with the company that’s responsible for the sale, are a useful tool for ensuring that you don’t make someone else’s mistakes.

Do Staff Bags Fit on Push Carts?

For those with a favorite staff bag looking to buy a push cart, or those who simply bought the golf bag first without considering the type of vehicle they might need, the question remains: will my bag be able to fit on standard push carts?

The short answer is, it depends.

Similar to the earlier issue of compatibility between your pieces of equipment, it just comes down to being willing to look for pieces that will fit together. And in fact, a lot of review sites will include this information or at least point you to where you might find it.

Golf bag reviews on the internet, or at least those written by people who bought without taking this issue into account, may mention the fact that the golf cart bag in question includes pieces on the bottom that won’t let it sit flat on the golf push cart or a build that makes it shift or sit too high on the cart.

All these problems can make your bag wear out quickly or make it frustrating (if not impossible) to transport, so make sure you’re getting the right equipment upfront and save yourself a headache or two.

Best Golf Bags for Push Carts

Sun Mountain C-130 Supercharged Cart Bag ’21

Sun Mountain C-130-Supercharged golf bag Navy_White_Red

The High Points:

  • The cart bag includes a 14 way divider with full length dividers to protect your golf club shafts from tangling or knocking together and getting damaged in the process
  • All pockets are forward-facing for plenty of easily-accessible storage while the bag is on the cart
  • Unique Smart Strap System ensures that the bag won’t shift or twist, causing damage or wear, and reduces any interference from your cart strap in terms of access to pockets
  • This cart golf bag has gained a lot of special praise on ‘best golf bag’ lists for including USB ports and a portable lithium battery pack so that players can charge their phones directly in the pockets of the bag for long days on the course
  • The model has been overwhelmingly celebrated and widely well-rated and reviewed. This push cart bag also won Golf Editors’ Choice two years in a row and remains a contender for the best golf bag out there, both in its brand and in the industry as a whole


The Low Points:

  • The C-130 is perhaps a little expensive when compared to other, similar options, so beginners or those who don’t play often may be turned off to the idea of a larger investment right off the bat
  • This cart golf bag is on the heavier side at 9 lbs, and reviewers have noted that this bag, and other, heavier models can be difficult to pack within weight restrictions on airlines- so if you love to travel, this might be inconvenient
  • Difficult pocket layout, with reviews mentioning that some side pockets tend to be tough to access as needed

PING Pioneer

PING Pioneer golf bag-royal blue

The High Points:

  • The PING Pioneer cart bag model comes with a dedicated putter well for enhanced organization
  • Plenty of pockets including an insulated cooler pocket and secure velour lined valuables pocket, as well as a magnetic rangefinder pocket and more specialized storage space
  • Enough capacity for a wide range of golf clubs for players who value diversity of options at hand in their cart bags as they play


The Low Points:

  • High price point among your typical golf cart bag options
  • The rare bad review for this model calls it essentially mediocre, marked-up without anything special or exceptional to offer

Datrek DG Lite II

Datrek DG Lite II Cart Bag '21

The High Points:

  • Represents a pretty reasonable investment without the concern that you might sacrifice quality with a cheaper model
  • TOP-LOKⓇ Technology bag-to-cart attachment system to minimize shifting from a loose cart strap
  • 15-Way top with full-length dividers for novice players who want to bring every club to the fairway or driving range
  • Reviews say it’s every bit as good as the bigger cart bag names like Callaway or TaylorMade without the big-name price attached


The Low Points:

  • This is a bulkier cart bag model with potentially unnecessary pockets, including full-size garment pockets and a large insulated cooler pocket
  • Reviews indicate that it only works with highly specific equipment, in that it doesn’t fit well on some push carts and some umbrellas won’t fit the pocket

Callaway Chev 14 Cart Bag ’20

Callaway CHEV 14 black charcoal

The High Points:

  • All the standard storage features you need for a day on the golf course, including a 5 way top and specific pockets for accessories like tees and gloves
  • A tried-and-true model that will please players who have known and loved Callaway golf equipment and bags for years


The Low Points:

  • This is not the golf cart bag for those who want a flashy, innovative, or otherwise exceptional golf bag. It remains pretty standard among golf bags for carts
  • Plus, reviews indicate that some users have had a hard time keeping the bag stable when it’s full, and that the material meant to make it lightweight is a little too light to make it sturdy

Wilson W Cart Bag

Wilson w cart bag rd ps1

The High Points:

  • Extremely lightweight to make transportation and loading on and off your golf cart easy and convenient
  • Plenty of pockets and storage space for accessories like tees and a towel, an umbrella holder, and pockets for balls, gloves and more, so players can stay prepared throughout the day
  • Extremely affordable at under $100, so there’s a low investment barrier for anyone looking to try out a cart bag 
  • Full-length dividers included to protect your clubs from jostling and knocking together, and keeping them easy to pull out individually
  • 5-Way top for ease of access and storage
  • Lots of color options to suit your style


The Low Points:

  • There is not much capacity for all your golf clubs, with only 2 club dividers on this cart bag model
  • Reviews complain that it lacks durability for the serious golfer who plays often, and points on the bag wear out pretty quickly
  • Players may find that there is more emphasis on pockets and space for extras like tees and gloves, meaning you sacrifice on actual space for clubs

Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag

Cobra Ultralight Cart Bag

The High Points:

  • This ultralight cart bag still manages to boast a roomy 14-way top, which in this case also means full length dividers for maximum protection against golf club damage
  • Customizable ball pocket for those who want a few more options in their golf bag setup
  • Fleece lined valuables pockets and an insulated cooler pocket to keep belongings safe and in good shape


The Low Points:

  • A glance at a list of reviews will let shoppers know that the zippers included on the pockets of this ultralight cart bag are fairly flimsy and may not hold up to a lot of use, potentially putting the pockets themselves (including the valuables pocket) at risk
  • Another complaint seen on a review list points to this cart golf bag as a good investment for exactly its price point – but no more

Who Makes the Best Quality Golf Bags for Push Carts?

Any search, whether through Google or just a golfing website, will bring up the name Sun Mountain time and again at the top of the list of the best golf bags for push carts, among other accolades outside just that small niche. Although not the biggest brand name put there in the world, they are really stepping up and proving themselves as a company. For reference, here’s just a short list of their recent achievements in the world of golf cart bags:

  • Ranked among the 2019 Golf Digest Hot List
  • 34 best golf bags out of 90+
  • Winners in 4 categories, including push cart bags (and the C-130 model took that category for itself)


However, awards aren’t where the positive press stops for Sun Mountain. Although the C-130 is undoubtedly the superstar, all of the golf bags presented by Sun Mountain get reviews across the board that support the hype.

Sun Mountain golf bags are praised for their ergonomic design, efficient use of space, amount of storage pockets, quality of full length dividers and sturdy construction, among other notable features. And it’s worth mentioning that many of these reviews also express excitement at getting one of the best cart bags – best golf bags in general, actually – around at the price point when compared to “bigger” or more widely known golf bag brands like Callaway or Titleist.

Are Golf Push Carts Worth it?

A lot of golfers consider push carts not only worth the investment, but essential to the whole experience of practice or play. Unless you’ve got the stamina of a marathon runner (or a caddy), the idea of lugging a carry bag around with shoulder straps wearing on you for the entire day is probably pretty exhausting – not your best bet.

A push cart takes the emphasis off of transporting your equipment and back on your game. Not to mention, expending a lot of energy and strength on carrying around your bag, golf clubs and accessories invariably means that your technique and overall game will suffer, which is, of course, counterproductive and frustrating. 

In fact, it’s been noted in more than a few online golfing forums and blog posts that carry bags or a fancy stand bag are more or less for the sake of appearances, and that they serve as something of a status symbol when you pull up to the country club. It’s also been said that having the biggest carry or stand bag on the course is a sign of youth or strength, like showing off at the gym. But that’s probably not what you’re trying to communicate with your golf equipment.

All that to say, a push cart bag will serve you much better than the extra points to your reputation.

And, opting for the best push cart for you may allow you to use a larger golf bag than what you would otherwise be willing to carry, which usually means you can fit more golf clubs, and will therefore have more options for play.


The game of golf is known in part for its dizzying set of options in terms of what you may choose to play with or store equipment in. If you happen to be a fan of push carts and their bags, then it helps to go into browsing your options with some idea of the best golf bags for push carts and the features they offer.

From the quality of the materials and techniques used, to considerations like storage space and ergonomics, do your research, learn from others and narrow down options until you find a few of the best golf cart bags for you, your comfort and your best golf game ever!

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